11 Jan '12

A Nix Review – An Ellora’s Cave for men novella; Take me At the Ballgame by Cassandra Carr (3.5 Stars)

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46 year old JT is a Sports writer for the local paper. When the 22 year old Sports-relation intern that he has been flirting literally drops to her knees in-front of him to show him how attractive she finds him, he can’t quite believe that his luck. When Sydney offers him no strings attached sex, he knows he would be a moron to pass up such an opportunity. Suddenly, all his work days pass by in a blur waiting for the moment that Sydney decides that she’s ready to take him in hand

I wanted to read this one because I was literally fascinated by the concept. Erotica for men? Surely that’s what porn is for!  How does this differ to Erotica for women? In short, a lot! As the story itself is literally 25 pages long, so this review will be short and sweet too J

The story starts with sex. It was all sex no fore-play if you like; I knew nothing about the characters before sex was occurring. It really reads as fantasy sex for men; much younger woman goes down on a much older man for no reason and she doesn’t want anything in return.  If she gets anything in return for his happy endings during the course of their “arrangement”, it’s because he feels he should, not that he wants to. I learned quite a lot about JT during the course of the tale, mainly because it was told from his POV, but I learned next to nothing about Sydney. I don’t think I was meant to, this wasn’t about a relationship, it was about a sexual arrangement instigated by a middle-aged man’s fantasy model. It was hot, but it wasn’t aimed at me so I don’t think it was as hot as it would possibly for a man. Apparently, the actual premise for the line is male fantasy erotica that doesn’t have a happy ever after – this definitely fits the bill 🙂 

I found this tale hot, but I like a bit more plot with my sex. I don’t know if this is down to my gender, I have never really thought about it to be honest.  I think this definitely has a target audience for men, and probably female hard-core erotica fans, as it is a hot little read with good writing and lots and lots of sex. 
If you have a man with an eReader, or even a wife who is into heavy Erotica, I recommend that you have a look at this line. They are light on the pocket and heavy on the sex content….what could be a better investment for your sex life 😀 


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