31 Jan '13

Authors After Dark 2013 Spotlight : Charlotte Steele hosts a Giveaway!

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Today, we are happy to host our first Author Spotlight for AAD 2013 where we are featured bloggers! We are happy to Spotlight the lovely, wonderful Charlotte Steele. She is also hosting a giveaway of her debut novel for one lucky commenter! So, let’s hear what she has to say……
First question we always ask; why do you choose to write romance?

I guess the honest answer is because I am a romantic at heart. I love the mechanics of romance, the things people do when they are courting each other, or when one has to woo the other.  I have been a romance reader and blogger/reviewer for a few years but I have always wanted to write and thanks to my buddy and co write Dagmar Avery I was given the opportunity. I think the first romance short story I wrote was when I was about 18 or 19 and I have been doing it every since, always with a dream of getting one published and now that dream has been realised. Firstly with the short Antebellum in the anthology Masquerade desires and then with the novella When a Dragon Lusts a Woman.

We read romance ‘cos we like to read sexy books. What do you think makes a sexy scene?

A real connection between the characters and a charge between them that you can almost taste. It’s not necessarily about what they do, although that can help sometimes, it’s the need, the want and when that sometimes comes after an argument … Omm nom nom nom.

Who is your favourite romance hero/heroine?

My favourite hero and heroine would have to be Vane and Bride from Night play by Sherrilyn Kenyon. There are lots more that I love, but this story is a definite re read for me. Can I also add Aisling Grey and Drake Vireo from Katie MacAllister’s Aisling Grey books, love them too! Oh and Haryy and ‘Yacky’ from it’s All Greek to Me also by Katie  MacAllister. There are so many but I will stop now!

Your first book came out last year (congrats!). Tell us about it!

When a Dragon Lusts a Woman is the story of how somethings come to those who wait. It’s a fantasy erotic tale set in the fae court where dragons like claw in hand with the fae. The dragon Jaerik has been waiting for Sorcha Ellisse for years, very since she called him a boy and that he should move on. Move on he did, but he always knew he would head back down that road and win her for good. That basically is what the story is about, how catches her and wins her. And catch her he does! Oh and she fights back, she is not easily caught and certainly is not willing to give up her lifestyle or her lovers.

Looking forward to the nuptials of her best friend and charge Prince Declan, Sorcha Ilisse knows what’s in store for her: Sex, sex and more sex. The ability to see some favorite lovers and indulge in the debaucheries of the event riding high on her senses, she didn’t count on the one person she didn’t want to see in attendance.

Jaerik, a green Dragon and general of the Dark fae was snubbed by Sorcha once upon a time, but years have past and he never forgot the burning obsession that was her lithe little body gracing his bed for always. She spurned him when he was a young Dragon but now a man, he’s set to prove to her that he is exactly the kinda male she needs.

As the festivities open with an annual hunt, Jae sees his window to seduce and ensnare the one woman he could see himself with for always..

If you had to give yourself a tagline, what would it be?

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! *clap * *clap*

Silly but true, that is what I would pick!


Hi I am Charlotte Steele and I am new around here.

I am a newly published author of Erotic Romance, in fact I am a newly posted author full stop. This is my first foray into writing and I am putting myself out there to see what happens. My first release was a collaboration with Dagmar Avery, a short story entitled Antebellum which was published in the anthology Masquerade Desires.

I love my PJs, feather boas, fae, vampires and things that go bump in the night. In my stories that is often the headboard!
Contact Charlotte on Twitter  or on her Blog
If you want to win a copy of When a Dragon Lusts a Woman, just comment on the blog and tell Charlotte why you like romance!


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  1. I have always read romance, the different sub genres of romance, you can find any type of book that suits your mood. super sexy, cuddly,tear jerker or just plain HEA.

  2. I love romance! I love the HEA's and always knowing, no matter the obstacles, the couples will over come and be happy!

  3. I love romance because it usually never turns out the same way in reality. It's nice to fantasize about your significant other doing the things the characters in your book do even if it's far out of reach!

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