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01 Dec '13

Scorching Christmas Fantasy Event December 2013

Scorching Christmas Fantasy Event December 2013

  Hello and welcome to our December Event, Scorching Xmas Fantasies. For the entire month of Dec, authors will be introducing us to some characters that they have created. There will also be a $50 Gift Card give-away plus a few extra goodies on some posts from the authors. We hope you find some wonderful new authors this December through their characters; I know that some of these ladies and gents have books I’ve adored. Without further adieu. here is the line-up for the event! Dec 1st – Intro Post and Index Dec 2nd – Kat Black Dec 3rd – Jess Dee Dec 4th – Sami Lee Dec 5th – Jodie Griffin Dec 6th – Cari Quinn Dec 7th -Scarlett Sanderson Dec 8th – Kate Lowell Dec 9th – Cari Ann Ryan Dec 10th – Eden Bradley Dec 11th – Selena Blake Dec 12th – Emma Lang Dec 13th – Kelly Jamieson Dec 14th – Kimber Vale Dec 15th– Kirsten McCurran Dec 16th – Ivory Quinn Dec 17th – Eliza… Keep Reading »

10 Nov '13

Scorching Christmas Fantasies Event : December 2013

Scorching Christmas Fantasies Event : December 2013

In December, we will be hosting a character event on our brand new WordPress site (Up and running Dec 1st officially)   In this event, I am asking for character posts. In the post, I would like to know your characters fantasy Christmas, written from the POV of said character.    Example posts could be… an interview of your character by yourself a straight up post written by your character a scene that features your characters perfect Christmas a “Dear Santa” letter There are no limits to this post. It can be sweet, sexy or completely materialistic. There is no limits on swear words or sexual content. If you wish to run a giveaway on your post, I am never going to stop you 🙂   Sign Up Here  if you are interested in joining us 🙂

30 Aug '13

The Sex Scene Championship Final : Cari Quinn/Taryn Elliott Vs Tessa Bailey

Excerpt One  Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott: Seduced Cari’s Website | Twitter | Facebook Taryn’s Website | Twitter | Facebook Nick knelt between Jazz’s spread legs. His mouth was actually watering. But he didn’t move. Not yet. Jazz wet her lips and relaxed against Gray, wriggling a little from what Nick knew was the very hard cock wedged against her back. Gray’s fingers wandered higher, drawing circles over her inner legs, sliding up to the tops of her thighs. Inching closer to the juncture between.Jazz squirmed as if she couldn’t stay still as Gray’s thumb darted between the lips of her pussy, almost shyly. Did Gray expect her to refuse him? Couldn’t he see how she was jiggling back and forth, her skin prettily flushed and already damp with sweat? All of her was damp. Nick fisted his throbbing cock. Seriously frigging damp. Gray’s long fingers met up with the piercing that caged her clit and his hand stilled. He grabbed her chin with his other hand, making her look at him. “What the hell is that?” he growled against… Keep Reading »

07 Aug '12

A BDSM Release Day Review – Temptation’s Edge by Eve Berlin (5 Stars)

With Dylan and Alec’s wedding fast approaching, Mischa knows she has plenty to do to fulfil her Maid of Honour duties. In fact, she has so much to do she has to relocate to Dylan’s old apartment to be closer to the action. It is whilst doing one of these duties that she comes across the green eyed, Irish charmer Connor Galloway. A Dom at the club where Dante frequents, Connor offers Mischa a chance to dabble in some of her more kinky desires whilst she is organising the wedding.  With both of them single and definitely interested in each other, the chance at a quick fling seems like a no-brainer. Both of them think they go into this encounter with their eyes open, but neither predict which way it goes. Connor is a fairly sadistic Dom and he relishes the challenge of making such a feisty woman submit to him. Her complete willingness to try anything, along with her acceptance of her kinks, make her unlike anyone he has… Keep Reading »

27 May '12

Good Smut Day Twenty – An explicit excerpt from Sheltered by Charlotte Stein and a giveaway

He was practically panting by the time she’d gotten up a rhythm. And she could feel him getting closer and closer, as the pleasure wound tight and threatened to do something horrible to her. She was going to die of it, she knew. Those little pulses from the point of connection were just too much—almost like burning—and he didn’t seem to want to let her up. He wanted her to carry on, and the faster she circled, the worse it got until she couldn’t speak or move or think. Great racking trembles went through her, as shameful as the rest of the experience. And yet somehow she found those cares slipping away the moment it claimed her—because by God, no one could be ashamed of this. She called out his name and didn’t mind in the slightest, body bowing under its pressure. That hand of his working and working over hers, and his mouth, oh Lord his filthy mouth. “That’s it, honey,” he said. “Give it up. Come all over… Keep Reading »