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04 Nov '13

A Nix Review – Expecting a Bolton Baby by Sarah M. Anderson (4 Stars)

In this Bolton Brothers book, first comes the baby and maybe then comes marriage?   He’d never expected to see Stella Caine again. After one wild night, she’d walked away right after revealing that her father was the one man who could threaten the biggest business deal of Bobby Bolton’s career. So Bobby left her alone. Until now. Now Stella is pregnant and staying in his condo. This is a complication that can be solved only one way: marriage. Bobby wants to do the right thing. Hell, he wants her–he has never stopped wanting her. Surely he can convince her to say yes, even without those three little words. FTC: I love this author and have worked with her frequently. That being said, I wouldn’t give her a falsely positive review nor would she want me to. This is the last in the Bolton series and we finally get the bratty brothers book. Bobby has not actually gained any good favour with me during this series and I did wonder whether or not that would stop me enjoying the book. He… Keep Reading »