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GuestPost and International Giveaway : Does My Ass Look Good In This? By Katie Porter

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Skin deep is never deep enough.

After a near-fatal plane crash, fighter pilot Captain Eric “Kisser” Donaghue is a changed man. By day he labors to regain his confidence in the cockpit. By night he moonlights as an off-Strip boxer, fighting for prize money to pay for his younger brother’s third stint in rehab.

In the ring, no one cares he once had a face that launched a thousand one-night stands-and neither does Eric. He’s only there to win. Yet he can’t take his eyes off the new ring girl, a glitz-meets-pageant-queen vision of blonde perfection.

Down on her luck but not quite out, Vegas showgirl Trish Monroe lives for the spotlight. The scarred, steely-eyed loner who stares at her from his corner of the ring gives Trish an extra reason to strut her stuff.

Curiosity and the temptation of a no-strings good time bring them together. The discovery of their secret fetishes-she likes to show off, he likes to watch-turns mere sexual chemistry into a fiery exploration of matched passions. They’re a natural fit. Trust in love, however, is harder to earn than trust in bed, especially when this beauty and beast hide even from themselves.

Warning: This book contains a Sin City-style Beauty and the Beast love story, lots of naughty pics and vids, adrenaline-pumped base jumping, and a set of “very” important note cards. Oh, and as always, an incredibly hot fighter pilot

Our heroine Trish Monroe from Bare Knuckle is incredibly sexy. She just is. Raised on the pageant circuit, and then in the glare of Vegas’s bright lights as a showgirl, she knows her best assets and how to work them. We meet her just before she steps into a boxing ring for the first time as a ring girl:

Trish Monroe checked her ass for the fourth time. She rubbed a minuscule streak of fake tan that had smudged along the elastic of her string bikini. It wasn’t that big a deal, but focusing on anything might take the edge off her nerves.

The mirror was floor length on the door inside the dressing room she shared with two other young women. A brunette, a redhead, and Trish the blonde.

How original.

That’s what the promoters wanted. More importantly, that’s what the men in the boxing crowd wanted—the perfect fantasies parading between bouts of hardcore violence.

There’s a certain wariness in her thoughts, but she likes looking great. Outwardly, she’s a princess in a platinum wig and four-inch red stilettos. Inwardly, she’s much less used to being judged for her personality and intelligence. She has both in spades. Being raised to believe she’s only a pretty face, however, makes it difficult to believe anything else.

Capt. Eric “Kisser” Donaghue is a sexual voyeur, in that he gets off on the nude photographs he takes of willing women who come to his bed. (Read that as: he’s not a creepy-as-hell peeping tom!) He loves the moments when the artifice is stripped away and the real woman beneath is revealed in all her natural beauty. That doesn’t just mean make-up and cute clothes, but reactions. Smiles. Gasps. He wants the real deal, all the time.

For Trish to be with Eric, she has to get brave. Really quick. After their first night together, when Eric takes pictures of her as she slides from perfection to passion, Trish is faced with a big decision. It’s big for her, anyway.

After a thorough scrubbing of both mouth and body, she gave up on putting her wig back on. It was a wretched mess, and she didn’t have any replacement pins or glue. She’d need to spend time getting the snarls out.

Trish swiped away the condensation on the mirror. Her short, almost tomboy hair was damp. Barely more blonde than brown.

This was huge. The only people who didn’t see her without her wig were Mama and other women in Trish’s same line of work.

With a deep breath, she reminded herself of how much Eric seemed to like the truth. Genuine things. Maybe…

She cinched the bathrobe’s tie and opened the door before she could change her mind.

It turns out that despite a few setbacks when she reverts to the mental armor of her wigs and make-up, Trish is strong enough to open herself to Eric. The only question is, after surviving a near-fatal plane crash and bearing those telling scars across his body, can Eric honor her the same way in return?

We’d like to give away a copy of BARE KNUCKLE in any digital format. Just answer the question: Even though most heroines in romance novels are beautiful, are there traits of personality that make them more or less appealing to you?

What the critics are saying:

The duo behind Katie Porter goes out with a bang in the last of their phenomenal ‘Vegas Top Guns’ series.” ~ RT Book Reviews 4½ Stars

“It’s deliciously explicit details is guaranteed to ignite the fire within readers.” ~ Fresh Fiction

“These characters have depth, the sex scenes are hot, and the reader will root for this pair.” – Library Journal
For more about Katie Porter, the co-writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown, visit their website at KatiePorterBooks.com

Thanks again to Scorching Book Reviews for featuring Katie Porter and Bare Knuckle!


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  1. the shrinking sally that can't do anything for herself and has to have a man or she'll simply cease to exist! LOL.. they aren't that blatant any more but same shades still persist. Thanks for sharing! I'm dying to read this series 🙂

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