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#LGBT Event Day 22 : Discovering a New Kind of Love by Dani Worth(Incl. Giveaway)

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Someone recently asked me why I like to write bisexual characters when I’m a woman who has been with the same man since high school.The question made me laugh. I used the usual response from authors, asking if she thought all horror writers were murderers or if the writer of a very popular young adult series was a vampire. We don’t always write “only” what we know. Sometimes, we write what we enjoy reading. I’m obviously not a bisexual man, but I love reading and writing about them. And I know it’s not a popular trope among most readers, but I’ve always been drawn to the “gay for you” or as most seem to prefer the “out for you” stories. The whole idea of discovering something new about yourself, falling in love with a person, then realizing you love and desire everything that makes up that person appeals to me. Realistic?Maybe not. But it’s a fun fantasy. I love reading books where the character is experiencing a whole new sexual or emotional situation. Some of my favorite erotic romances that deal with this are Promises by Marie Sexton, Bayou Dreams by Lynn Lorenz, Gambling Men by Amy Lane, and Something New by Cameron Dane.Most of these are m/m romances, but I absolutely love finding ménage romances that deal with the subject. That’s probably why I dove into them myself. I’ve released four m/m/f ménage romances now.

In The Kithran Regenesis series, I’ve written a world where being bisexual is the norm. Gwinarians accept and embrace all kinds of love and nobody is maligned for it. They tend to focus on other things for vilification—like say, blowing up a planet and killing millions of people. The subject of a person’s sexuality isn’t a big deal. You love who you love as long as nobody is getting hurt.

I deal with the idea of bisexuality in different ways in each volume. The only one of my books where the “straight” hero has an issue is the first novella, KITHRA. And honestly, his issue has nothing to do with what body parts he’s attracted to—it’s more about shifting his entire outlook on the way he’s always seen himself. Plus, there’s something about Egan that scares Kol, makes him feel too much. In REPLICANT, Erik is in love with a woman and has no idea she’s a Replicant alien whose natural form is a man. Mask a used a woman’s DNA to become what he thought Erik wanted—and okay, he had to change form because he’s also an escaped prisoner in hiding. In Catalyst, all the characters are bisexual and in fact, one of the heroes has mostly identified as gay. His love conflict is dealing with feelings he had in the past for a Gwinarian woman he felt was way too young for him. Years later, tragedy has changed his outlook on life, allowing him to accept his feelings for both Valaand the 20 year-old Gwinarian, Bastian, completely.

It’s safe to say I like writing around this theme because in my novella, AFTER THE CRUX—which is a part of another series called Crux Survivors—three kids find each other and grow up together in a post-apocalyptic world. They love each other and the natural progression to their relation ship is to be together completely. One character has to be convinced but only because he was fourteen and they were nine when he found them, so he feels a responsibility to them. He thinks his feelings now at the age of thirty shouldn’t have changed. Poor Ross…Dorian and Jenna convince him it’s time he thinks differently. He’s not alone.

I’ve hunted down a lot of books that deal with this theme,so I’ve probably read most of them, but if you have recommendations, feel freeto share.

For the giveaway, I’ll offer up an ecopy of one of my books.Reader’s choice. 

About the Author 

I currently have two sexy novella series with Samhain Publishing! The Kithran Regenesis is erotic space opera, mostly menage. Crux Survivors is erotic post-apocalyptic, some menage and some not. I love to explore the boundaries of new worlds, love, desire or anything else that strikes my fancy. Good stories make life fun. Some of my stories will have pairs and some will have three–Love is Love. 🙂

I’ve lived in some crazy places but currently reside in Oklahoma and I’m represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency.

Contact me  at daniworthbooks@gmail.com  

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  1. Having trouble posting today! Anyway, for me, a menage has to be filled with love and acceptance all around, or it's a turnoff. (Tara Lain's Genetic Attraction series is excellent this way.) Looking forward to reading Kithran Regenesis!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

  2. Great post, Dani! You are a new-to-me author, but I'm definitely adding you to my TBR list. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!
    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  3. I can't think of any gay for you/out for you stories but Tara Lain writes some good stories featuring m/m/f relationships 😉
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

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