23 Apr '13

LGBT Event Day 23: Anna Sansom “The holy writing trinity: sex, love and humour” (Incl Giveaway)

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I came out when I was 16. It was easy: an older girl stopped me in the corridor on my first day at sixth-form college and said “So, are you a dyke or what?” I took in her flat-top, Dr Marten boots, rolled up jeans (this was 1989 – she looked cool) and said, “Uhm, yes.”

Five years later another older woman (short hair, big boots, twinkle in her eye) handed me a copy of Pat Califia’s Macho Sluts. That led to my next coming out: not only did I like girls, I liked tough girls who played rough.

Looking back I’m impressed that I got my hands on so much lesbian BDSM erotica back in the pre-internet days. Way before women were reading their ebook smut on the underground, lesbians were trawling the alternative bookshops, seeking out copies of On Our Backs and classics like Coming to Power.

My writing has been heavily influenced by my own coming out experiences and those ground-breaking books. Lesbian BDSM feels like the most natural place for my writing to be and I like my characters to be true-to-life dykes. As I’m getting older I find a little more romance creeping in to my stories and more humour too. I’m interested in what happens to sex within longer-term relationships – not just those heady first encounters – and how women navigate the inevitable changes to our bodies as we get older. Sex, love and humour are my holy writing trinity.

*** EXCERPT Coming Close by Anna Sansom

I unclipped my bra, slipped the straps off my shoulders and held a breast in each hand as an offering. Jess reached forward and tweaked each nipple. “We’re going to teach them a lesson,” she told me as she reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out two wooden clothes pegs. She tested the spring action of each and, satisfied that they would grip tightly, she plucked each of my nipples up in turn and released the jaws of the pegs onto them. The sharpness of the pain caused me to gasp and my first impulse was to remove them as quickly as I could. I ignored this urge and instead focused on Jess. She held onto both pegs and tugged them way from my body. My breasts stretched away from me as Jess held them in that position. I wanted to lean forward to reduce the tension but I willed myself to stay still. Jess finally let go of the pegs and my breasts swung back to my body. Next she began to flick at the pegs with thumb and forefinger. The harder the flick, the greater the pinch on my nipple. She alternated from right to left before flicking at both simultaneously. Then, just as I was relaxing into the rhythm of her ministrations, she changed the tempo and awakened me to new sensations.

Jess removed the pegs after a few minutes of torment. My puckered nipples ached and throbbed but quickly relaxed from their extended shape. Jess looked at me disappointedly. “All that attention but look how quickly they forget me.” Jess stroked her thumb across my tired nipple. It made a small attempt to harden but not enough to gain back Jess’s approval. “I wonder what else you’ve forgotten? Your manners perhaps? I don’t recall you thanking me for playing with your nipples.”

“Thank you for playing with my nipples,” I rushed in an attempt to please her.

“Thank you for playing with my nipples, Sir.”

This was a new element to our game. Sir? I tried it out: “Thank you for playing with my nipples, Sir.”

Jess smiled. “Good. Now, would you like me to put the pegs back on?”

It’s just a game, I reminded myself, we’re only playing. “If you would like to, Sir.” Double bluff: Jess swiftly replaced the pegs. The pain was more intense this time. Jess left the pegs on my nipples without touching them as I readjusted both my mind and my body to the sensations.


About the Author

Anna Sansom has contributed to numerous erotica anthologies and her first novel, Coming Close, was published last year.

“The sex was extremely well done, with descriptions and the wet tastes and smells described so well you think you are inches away, watching.” (E-Read Erotica Reviews, March 2013) You can find her full catalogue at her author page on Amazon (link).

As well as writing, Anna makes sumptuous cushions in the shape of vulvas (link), sings odes to erotica (YouTube link), and encourages other women to explore and enjoy their creative-sexuality at her blog and website The Ladygarden Project (link).

You can find also her on Twitter: @ladygarden69

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