25 Apr '13

LGBT Event Day 25 : Saranna DeWylde on Writing Love (Includes eBook Giveaway)

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I have the coolest job in the world. I’m a cosmic secretary. I write down what the voices tell me. Whenever I make the mistake of thinking I’m in charge of something, the characters are quick to remind me that it’s their story I’m telling—not mine. I don’t get to decide where they go, what they do, or who they do it with. It would be easier if I could, but it’s rare that anything worth doing is easy.

I’ve been asked multiple times why I think it’s worth doing. Because love is important. As long as we’re telling these stories where love conquers all, there is hope. That means all the good things are still alive and well in our minds, our hearts, and our dreams. I know what it’s like to live without them and that’s definitely no way to spend the years we’re given.

I’ve also been asked why I’ve written an F/F romance when the majority of my work is M/F. My answer to that is still the above paragraph. Those things apply to everyone. Love is universal and we should all know what it’s like to be someone’s everything. Kerrigan and Dia wanted to tell their story, and they chose me to put their journey on paper. Maybe because Kerrigan is a kindred spirit. She and I would’ve been two peas in a pod had we met out in the world rather than the story frequency in my head.

My book Too Bad About Your Girl has one of my favorite romance set ups both to read and write about: friends-to-lovers. There’s something so exciting about seeing someone you’ve known forever in a new way. Discovering things about them that you didn’t know. The best part for me is that these people know so many of each other’s faults and love each other anyway. They don’t go through that phase where they worry about showing each other only the sanitized best version of themselves. That’s exhausting and it’s not real. Real people sometimes forget to change the toilet paper roll, drink out of the milk carton, and have emotional needs that don’t always fit what we’ve been taught to expect. Things that our close friends already know about us.

Saranna is giving away a copy of Too Bad About Your Girl to a commenter 
in either .Mobi or ePub

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who was first a long-time friend?  

Kerrigan Black is the hard drinking, hard partying and even harder working frontwoman for the riot grrrl band Sugar and Cyanide. She keeps her relationships simple—she doesn’t have them. But she has sex and a lot of it. For Kerrigan, it’s not about the orgasm; it’s about the power she wields over her partners. Kerrigan doesn’t do love. At least, she didn’t until her bandmate and best friend—the one woman she can never have.

Dia Miller is good at revenge, so when she finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she decides to return the favor. She asks Kerrigan to pretend she and Dia are lovers to punish him. The show goes a little too far and feels a little too good. Dia, ever the hedonist, can’t resist exploring new sensation.

Will fulfilling Kerrigan’s secret fantasy and satisfying Dia’s curiosity shatter the bond between them or give them something more, like Happily Ever After?

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  1. So pleased that Scorching is hosting this event, and so pleased to see a fellow F/F author!

    I love your comment about being a "cosmic secretary". It is, indeed, the coolest job in the world.

  2. Thanks, Virg. It really is, but it's still the best job. Who knew I'd like something where I wasn't in charge? LOL.

    And guys, if you haven't Virginia, you need to. 🙂

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