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Mandy Roth : Alien Alpha Males… why do we love them so much? & a Giveaway

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I would like to welcome Mandy M Roth back to Scorching Book Reviews.

I’m a huge fan of Mandy’s work and love to introduce people to some of my favorite series’ that she has written whenever I can. Take a look at the Raven Books website for information on all of her releases as well as Michelle M Pillow and various other authors and titles.

So, over to you Mandy 🙂


Alien Alpha Males… why do we love them so much?

I’ve asked myself this question again and again but all I can come up with is… because they’re friggin’ hot! I’m sure there is a better answer out there. At the moment I’m still stuck on “they’re hot”. I think this might be one of the reasons I enjoy writing them so very much. I’m afforded the freedom to write what I want and take them to extremes I can’t always take a contemporary romance hero. I love creating worlds and exploring them along with my readers. Filling those worlds with sexy hunky males who want nothing more than one woman to make them whole only adds to the fun.

Why do you think we love alien alpha males so much? 

Mandy’s next book written under the pen name Regan Hawk is released on April 23. 

Book Two in the Strength in Numbers Series 
Scheduled to become head concubine for a sadistic master, Lucia longs to be taken from her life. Born a slave, she believes she will die without ever knowing passion or love. Resigned to a life of cruelty, she never dreamed to find herself sailing the stars and sandwiched between two alpha males, each willing to die to protect her and each willing to see to her every sexual desire. 

Raider, a Robin Hood of the future and a legend among thieves and space pirates, has amassed a fortune for himself and his crew. Seeking something more daring, he poses as a guard for hire and takes a position within a nobleman’s household with an elaborate plan to claim the man’s riches for himself. He finds himself less concerned about money and more captivated by Lucia–a most alluring bounty. His lust for her is dangerous and could leave them both with a death sentence. He doesn’t care. He wants her and he’ll stop at nothing to have her, to possess her, even if it means stealing her instead of gold. 

Warning: Short story contains MMF/MFM (oh, who are we kidding, just about everything and everyone joins in the fun) graphic language, ménage and more, kinky alien sex, extreme alpha males, and pretty much anything else you can think to toss in for sexy fun.

Mandy M. Roth  grew up fascinated by creatures that go bump in the night. From the very beginning, she showed signs of creativity—writing, painting, telling scary stories that left her little brother afraid to come out from under his bed. Combining her creativity with her passion for the paranormal has left her banging on the keyboard into the wee hours of the night. Her books have won numerous awards, including an RT nomination for Best Paranormal Erotic.

Mandy lives on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband, their three boys and a boxer pup named Hercules. When Mandy is not writing, she’s doing cover art for various places with a super double secret brush name. She also co-hosts a live talk radio show, Raven Radio, which was recently mentioned in Romantic Times Magazine and has given several marketing workshops for authors. She has a Bachelor of Science and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Marketing.

To learn more about Mandy, please visit www.mandyroth.com–be sure to check out her FAQ first.

Mandy has very kindly offered one winner a copy of two ebooks from The Raven Books and I have lots of lovely swag to give away so just enter your email address in the rafflecopter form below.

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  1. I’ve read a few of Mandy’s books and loved them. After checking out Raven’s site I have now added several to my wishlist!

  2. I totally agree. Alien heroes are hot. They can also get away with more that a Earth guy would not be allowed to get away with in a book.

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