04 Oct '14

Nix Musing : Guest-Posts and Blog-tours : When do I take part?

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A new way to promo?


This week, I have had multiple emails publicising blog-tours and asking for participation. Sometimes, I have had more than one email for the same tour as the tour host hasn’t got enough hosts signed up and they are asking people to help out. Some people would help out the tour host at this point (because the tour-hosts are good people and send good promo our way) but I just can’t do it. If I haven’t signed up after the original email, there is a reason why.

My blog is important to me. The content I put up there represents me and, although it took me a while to realise this fact, I now do everything I can to protect the integrity of it. If I put up promo for a book, it is because I recommend either it or the author and I won’t just put something up there to fill an empty day on my schedule.

Blog tours come in a variety of formats; promo blasts (the cover and blurb), book reviews, author interviews and excerpts seem to be the formats of choice but there have been some unusual one’s that have been fun to be a part of. Whatever it is, once I put it on the blog, I am endorsing it in some way and that means something to me if no one else. I rarely take part in a review tour because I get so bloody anxious if I hate the book. If I see a book in an email and I like the look of it, I’m more likely to buy it and review it than be part of the tour!

So, bloggers, my question to you is why do you take part in blog-tours? And, more importantly, why do you turn them down? Readers, how much do you take notice of them? And do you ever buy the book after you’ve seen a promo post?


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  1. As a reader I have purchased or at least added books to my wishlist after seeing a tour post.

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