29 Dec '11

A Vicky Short Review – A Menu With a Difference by Lucy Felthouse (4 Stars)

Jed and Annette have an open relationship and are looking to mix things up a bit with another woman. When the meet Tamara in a restaurant, she seems perfect to them for what they have planned and they soon discover that she is exactly what they both need to make their night one they won’t forget. This story was a nice change to some erotic shorts that I’ve read as there was more focus on Jed and Annette figuring out if Tamera would be interested in their proposal than the actual sex. This is a hot erotic short with a big build up to a very naughty night J Jed and Annette have an open relationship and are looking to mix things up a bit with another woman. When the meet Tamara in a restaurant, she seems perfect to them for what they have planned and they soon discover that she is exactly what they both need to make their night one they won’t forget. This story was a nice… Keep Reading »

29 Dec '11

A Vicky Short Review – Love Through Time by Lucy Felthouse (3 Stars)

Westbury Manor is a stately home with a fascinating past, and when book conservator Emily Stone starts uncovering it, she’s startled by what she finds . . . .  Emily arrives at Westbury Manor with a job to do. She’s to clean and conserve all of the books in their impressive library, preserving them for future generations. Not long into her stay at the house, she bumps into the night guard, George. She’d expected an old, balding guy with a comb over, so the hunky chap she actually meets is a very pleasant surprise. The introductions complete, George leaves Emily in peace to get on with her job. But when a falling photograph sets off a chain reaction of ghostly events, Emily and George are thrown together in order to find out who—or what—is causing them. Their investigation uncovers a tragic past, a lost love, and a stunning secret This is a sweet love story with tragic undercurrents. Emily is sent to Westbury Manor to preserve its books but while… Keep Reading »

28 Dec '11

A Vicky Review – Gangbusters by Michele Hart (4 Stars)

Gangbusters is an different take on a demon story that kept me up far too late to finish it! Faith Vedder is a crime reporter who is obsessed with writing a Pulitzer winning story – she’s even brought the dress she plans to wear to the award ceremony. She receives a tip off about a new drug called Blindfold and ends up involved in an I-Marshal case set to take down the gangs involved. I didn’t like Faith for a large chunk of the book as she was just so preoccupied with winning the Pulitzer that she couldn’t see the bigger picture of the damage she could cause even when she was being told what was going on around her and how her story would affect everything. Eventually I started to warm to Faith, when she stopped putting her chance at a Pulitzer before everything else, but she is not a character that I would be interested in following any further. Danny on the other hand is a totally different… Keep Reading »

27 Dec '11

A Nix Short Review – Khantara by Michelle Franklin (4.5 Stars)

This tale is the prequel to the Master and Commander series and shows the story of how the Den Asaan Rautu’s parents met.  Khantara is the Commander of the Haanta. Upon his travels around Thellis, he comes across an argument between mates. The woman ends up crying after rejection from her mate, which upsets Khantara greatly. Anelta is one of the marked, which means that she is stopped going from town and has a limited education. She is mated to a man who does not love her and does not treat her well. In fact, her mate is a complete philandering arse, but this is seen to be the accepted because, as one of the marked, she should be grateful that he offers her food and shelter at all. Khantara is disgusted to discover that her mate often leaves her without food whilst he goes away for days, leaving her unable to go out and get any food. He takes her to get food and sparks starts to fly. Knowing… Keep Reading »

23 Dec '11

A Nix Review and #Giveaway – No Apologies by Tibby Armstrong (4 Stars)

The premier of his film should be the highlight of his career, but instead Greg finds himself desperately clinging to the threads of his relationship. Constantly in-fear of his sexuality being discovered, he has treated his lover Aaron as a dirty little secret for years. Comfortable with his sexuality, Aaron is tired of not being able to live normally because of his partners hang-ups. When Aaron declares that the premier will be their last event as a couple, Greg can only hope that the film will demonstrate something that he has never been able to say aloud; how much he really loves him. How will Aaron respond to the public screening of their story, especially when he knows nothing about it? Will Greg have made a massive mistake by simply not opening his mouth? This is one of the most awkward reviews I’ve had to write in a while because the bulk of the story isn’t played out by the two characters in the above paragraph, but by the romanticised… Keep Reading »

20 Dec '11

A Nix Review – Burlesque Trio by Alexandra O’Hurley (5 Stars)

Va-Va-Violet is a Burlesque dancer at the height of her career. Blonde, beautiful and bubbly, the crowd adore her and she keeps on bringing them in. Everything seems to be going great, that is until the fateful night that a secret stalker decides that she will become his in the most permanent way by committing murder-suicide the night before she is due to perform. Now she haunts the premises, drifting through time, watching the place that she loves so much change over the times. As the years advance, more ghosts join her in the building, destined to drift in limbo for eternity. The day that Parker and Ciprian take over the building is the most exciting day that she has in years, especially when they start to turn the building back to its former glory. Watching the building become an exact replica of the place she loved is fascinating; if only they had the Burlesque talent to go with the luxury interior. The horrible Missy that currently stars in the… Keep Reading »

19 Dec '11

A Nix Short Review – One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major (4 Star)

Marianne Caldwell is sick of dates with losers and men who let her down. Signing up for the exclusive “1 night stand” dating service seems to be her last ditch attempt at finding true love. Upon arriving at the swanky hotel, she finds herself whisked away to a medieval land where she is being hunted by a creepy bad guy on horse-back. Being rescued by her very own hero sounds like a fantasy straight from the story books; that is if said hero came with a Brooklyn accent and reminded her of the boys from Jersey shore. Slowly, the bad first impression starts to fade as Robert puts himself in harm’s way to protect her from the horrible baddie. Will she be able to cope with the fact that her Prince Charming doesn’t act, or sound, the way she expected? This was a short book (hence the short review) but I really did enjoy it. It had some laugh out loud moments (there is a part of the book where… Keep Reading »

18 Dec '11

A Nix Review – Unwrapped by Cari Quinn (4 Stars)

Caitlyn Sachs has decided that 24 is old enough to let go of her virginity. After holding onto it so not to be seen as easy as she perceives the rest of her family to be, it has now become more of a burden than a thing to treasure. However, there is only one of two people that she can fathom sleeping with and convincing them may be a problem. Matt and Tristan are her best friends, work-mates and flatmates; convincing one of them to become her lover may be a step too far. When she returns home one night unexpectedly, she finds them in the middle of some seriously steamy sex. Upset that they have never told her they were lovers, convinced that she may have missed her chance to sleep with one of them and very turned on, she tries to flee the scene of the crime to clear her brain. When Matt comes to confront her, conversations take an unexpected turn and she finds herself one step… Keep Reading »

16 Dec '11

A Nix Short Review – Hot Text by Cari Quinn (5 Stars)

Jeff really hates his sister new loser boyfriend. For a start the man is a jerk but his opinion isn’t improved by the fact the man is still married. When he sees that said loser has left his phone at his baby sister’s house, he takes the chance to text the man’s wife to try to convince her to get him to keep his hands to himself.  Upon meeting her, he finds himself in an interesting dilemma. Does he get the creep away from his precious sister? Or does he give into the temptation to try to get the lovely Karyn for himself? After realising that his sister is big enough to make her own mistakes, he sexts Karyn (Sex Text) and hopes that she felt the same sparks he did. When she responds in kind, they embark on a sex fuelled night that changes everything. Cari Quinn creates very sexy novellas and this one was no exception.  I understand that some people may find Karyn’s marital status objectionable in… Keep Reading »

13 Dec '11

A Nix Review – Know Thine Enemy by Rosalie Stanton (5 Stars)

A product of a broken home, Izzie latched onto the life of a Vampire Hunter when she was taken under the wing of a man who wanted to mould her into his own personal sidekick. Years into a well-deserved reputation, she only has one rule; don’t attack unless they do first. This rule is what saves her from Ryker when he realises that a Hunter has encroached on his patch. He doesn’t believe in killing humans for sport, so Izzie is safe until she strikes first. When she begins to stir feelings in him that he hasn’t felt in years, he begins to wonder if the Hunter could ever fall in love with her prey. When an old enemy with a grudge rears its head, things for Ryker start to look a little perilous. When said old enemy hands over both Izzie and Ryker to a Government determined to utilise them in their quest to study Vampire Biology, it looks like Izzie’s real enemy might not be as obvious anymore. … Keep Reading »