A Nix Review – Power Pla..

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A Nix Review – Power Play by Eliza Gayle (4 Stars)

  Jennifer is a Shibari model in high demand. A self-confessed pain slut, she uses Club Purgatory as an escape from the ghosts of the past. She refuses to submit, refuses to allow herself to yield to any man, so she lines up at the whipping post to be sent into headspace by a stranger […]

A Vicky Review – Susie W..

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A Vicky Review – Susie White and the Right Hand Man (4 Stars)

This short story is a new take on the snow white / wicked witch classic and has been really well written so you are kept entertained and wondering how this version is going to play out. When Suzie’s mum dies she doesn’t want her dad to be on his own when she leaves for university […]

A Nix Review – Tingle Al..

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A Nix Review – Tingle All the Way by Catelyn Cash (2.5 Stars)

Innara Grant used to love Christmas, until her thoughtless ex ruined it.  Now, she finds herself working late at the office, the only one around on the last day before the holiday season begins. When she starts to leave, the lift suddenly stops leaving her alone in the dark. Or so she thinks. A voice […]

A Nix Review – Can’..

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A Nix Review – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Bella Andre (5 Stars)

When Gabe rescues Megan and her daughter Summer from their burning home, he recognises the pull of attraction that he feels when he looks at her. But Gabe has learned his lesson about dating people he rescues on the job because it’s darn hard to be the hero they expect to see every-day.  Megan too […]

A Nix Review – Deacon..

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A Nix Review – Deacon’s Touch by Callie Croix (5 Stars)

Jessica has dropped everything to be part of the bachelorette party at the dude ranch.  Not looking forward to leaving her world behind, she comes armed with mobile phone and laptop, ready to continue her work in-between the revelry. When a hunky cowboy turns up as her ride from the airport to the ranch, she […]

A Nix Review – The Locke..

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A Nix Review – The Locked Heart by Christina Thacher (3.5 Stars)

When Darby finds herself stuck at the Airport hotel, the last thing she expects is to find her hidden submissive side. When a dark and mysterious man approaches her in the bar, she feels sensations that she has never felt before and feels powerless to stop. She can’t resist when he tries to take her […]

A Vicky Review – Kithra ..

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A Vicky Review – Kithra by Dani Worth (5 Stars)

This is a fantastic, entertaining story with a lot of emotional turmoil simmering underneath all the heat. Lux is a spaceship captain who is reassigned, along with her second-in-command, to Kithra, a planet that was destroyed by explosions and poisonous gases years before. The planet is now uninhabitable and they will be working together to […]

A Nix Review – Perfect S..

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A Nix Review – Perfect Strangers by Gem Silvad (A 3 Star Conflicted Review)

On the days that followed the disappearance of his young wife, Ambrose stopped hoping and dreaming that she would return to him and their children. Then the day he due to be hung for her murder, a heavily scarred woman with no memory is dragged back into town by his brother, desperate to stop his […]

A Nix Review – Rocky Mou..

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A Nix Review – Rocky Mountain Haven by Vivian Arend (5 Stars)

  When Beth’s abusive husband died, she decides to up sticks and move away for a fresh start. It was never going to be easy; with three small boys and a leg savaged by the car accident that left her a widow, she was never expecting this to be the least stressful experience but she […]

A Nix Review – A Man of ..

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A Nix Review – A Man of His Word by Sarah Anderson (4.5 stars)

Dan Armstrong’s day can’t get any worse. First his evil Uncle Cecil calls him to site of their companies latest project to try to resolve some long running “problems” and then a Native American woman on horseback takes a pot-shot at him, narrowly missing his head and putting a hole in his favourite hat. Upon […]