06 Nov '11

Nix Review – Temporary Position by Scarlett Parrish (5 stars)

Office parties are always the scene for drunken mistakes and inter-office flings. Unfortunately, Jess Ludlow can’t blame her behaviour on alcohol when, during the regional management gathering, she ends up kissing two different men on the drive home. Neither Tyler nor Sebastian seems to mind sharing her, in-fact they seem to relish it. When they seem to suggest that they’d like to take it further, she realises that it may not be the best idea. Later, she puts it out of her head, that is until they request her personally to redesign their shop. She can’t say no to the offer, but coming face to face with them fills her with dread.  Upon arrival at the shop its clear both men are still interested in her, will she be able to resist them whilst working in such close proximity? The position at their shop is only temporary, will she take full advantage of the time they all have together? This was the shortest of the stories that I’ve read by… Keep Reading »

04 Nov '11

Nix Review – Slave by Sherri Hayes (5 Stars)

When Stephan gets a call from his friend Darin about a slave in distress, he is taken aback by the suggestion that he can help.  The girl in question is the property of a rather sadistic Dom Ian, but blatantly doesn’t want to be so. After making some inquiries, Darin has established that the sub is for sale for the right price. Stephan has the money, and the unattached status, to help out but there is one tiny little problem; Stephan has no interest in being anyone’s master. After some marvellous guilt trips by Darin, Stephan agrees to go and “inspect” Ian’s property and see if he wants to purchase her. Upon arrival, Stephan sees the terrified girl and knows that he cannot simply walk away. However, the dilemma is how to best help her. Not knowing how she came into Ian’s possession, Stephan is unwilling to let her loose. Without being able to get her to talk to him, he can’t decipher who put her into slavery and so… Keep Reading »

03 Nov '11

Nix Review – Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Anderson (3.5 stars)

Reda has recently decided to take a leave of absence from the police force. After losing her partner to an incident on the job, she can’t decide whether or not she can trust her own instincts to keep her safe. When she stumbles back upon a book of her Mothers that her Father sold, she finds herself sucked into a world of fantasy and legend. The book is an alternative version of Red Riding Hood which sees Red becomes a victim of the Wolfs hypnotic powers and forced to do his bidding. Unfortunately, the book is more real than anyone could have imagined and she ends up being sucked into a world of myth and legend. Dayn is one of the Royal House of Vampires, cursed to be a Wolfyn. Banished to the Wolfyn realm, he has been hiding amongst a pack, concealing his true nature from them so they don’t kill him. When he meets Reda sparks begin to fly. He looks exactly like the woodsman from the book… Keep Reading »

01 Nov '11

A Rae Review – Bittersweet by Alyssa Turner ( Not Rated)

An intimate tale of love, sex and loss.   What happens when the line between love and despair is blurred?  Sabrina must find out if she has room in her heart for both.  Her devoted, disabled husband has planned a Valentine’s Day to remember.  Her biggest surprise – that unrestrained passion can heal her deepest wound.  If Sabrina can let ecstacy was away her pain, she will have been given the most valuable Valentine’s gift of all; a love that endures through eternity. The premise of this book really made me feel uncomfortable throughout.  It goes a little something like this – Paralysed husband finds out he’s dying from an inoperable brain tumour so sets his wife up with his assistant on Valentines Day in the hope that they’ll get together after he has died. Some people would see this story as described and would view it as a loving husband wanting his wife to be looked after and not alone after he has died.  For me it was just… Keep Reading »

30 Oct '11

Nix Arc Review – Cassandra Carr – Head Games

Scott and Leo are rotating Goal-keepers for the Intimidators. Sharing a job and a flat, the guys have been best friends for the last 8 years. Sometime along the way they decided that they liked sharing women too. It’s been some months since they set their sights on the delectable Kelly, owner of the local restaurant they both like to frequent, but since that day the lust has been growing into something far more. What used to be pure sexual attraction has evolved over time and now they have started to formulate plans to make her theirs. Kelly has had an unwanted attraction for the two hockey players ever since she first laid eyes on them. She has become used to their weekly visits to the bar after practice, even looks forward to the banter that they all share. Little does she know that they are simply preparing her for their advances, warming her up to the idea of wanting the two of them. What Leo and Scott don’t realise… Keep Reading »

30 Oct '11

A Nix Review – A Texan’s Promise by Shelley Grey

Ever since she was a girl, Clayton has looked out for Vanessa. When her daddy died, he made a vow that he would keep her safe and he has spent every day since keeping that promise, even to the detriment of his own welfare. When Vanessa’s mother married the first man to give her attention after her former husband passed on, Clayton knew that his life would be getting a whole lot harder. Price Venture is a horrible man, happy to spend the money of the family ranch on prostitutes and liquor. Clayton is happy to let them run the ranch into the ground as long as Vanessa stays safe. However, one night Price decides that taking Vanessa is now his right. After escaping from his clutches, emotionally and physically battered and bruised, she goes to find Clayton. Realising that Venture will never leave her alone, Clayton decides the best thing for them to do is run away. Time is of the essence for our two runaways, as Price will… Keep Reading »

28 Oct '11

A Nix short Review – Getting Physical by Victoria Blisse

Terri is gifted a gym membership by her domineering mother. A little curvy, and a lot insecure about it, she doesn’t relish the thought of going to show all her wobbly bits off amongst all the hard bodies. The first thing that she notices is a gorgeous hard-bodied man, who is too perfect to look at the likes of her. John works out every-day. Convinced he is weedy and ugly, he strives to make himself a work of art. He notices Terri the first day she joins but, due to his terrible way with words, he doesn’t make the best first impression. Contenting himself to look from afar, he doesn’t bank on an incident which allows him to come to her rescue. Will their insecurities prevent them from realising that they share a mutual attraction? This was a short read (at 41 pages) but it was easy enough to like. There were a few things that irritated me and this probably hampered my enjoyment of the story. I like both… Keep Reading »

28 Oct '11

Nix Review – Nightingale by Ashley Christman

Dr Grace Caldwell is a Sidhe-Vampire hybrid, who spends her evenings as a high class prostitute. Occasionally, her ex-college room-mate, and now full time FBI agent, Jack consults her on cases that have paranormal links. When a rash of murders occurs, that no one can link together, Jack takes a punt and calls on Grace to use her powers to see if she can find anything they have missed (well more blackmails her into it!) Immediately she notices the spells and the link between the female victims; they are all female Sidhe. She uses her connections to the supernatural world to help Jack trawl through the myriad of political minefields that the case uncovers. Unfortunately, she thrusts herself back into the spotlight of a world that has never quite accepted her, always fearing what she is.  When they start to make demands of her that she is unwilling to meet, things start to get a little hairy for both her and Jack. Meanwhile the case seems to point towards a… Keep Reading »

26 Oct '11

A Rae Review – Healing Love by Cara Cooper

Good looking and a wonderful medic, Dr James Frayne is a man with a secret which is threatening his work and his patients. It is up to feisty Becky Armfield, the practice manager at his surgery, to tackle him. But he’s not the only man causing her problems. If her fiance Trent would finally name the day, perhaps she could finally be happy in love.Meanwhile Becky’s friend and colleague Dr Holly Parkes has mysteries of her own to solve. Like the patient who wants to find out why her husband is behaving so strangely and the one who cannot understand why money is disappearing from her house – not to mention her own complicated love life… I want to like this book….. but it just didn’t quite deliver.  One too many cliches, predictable to the extreme & no sex scenes to save it! Dr James Frayne, handsome and well liked by the patients but troubled single parent to his daughter who is suffering from leukemia.  Because of the way he… Keep Reading »

22 Oct '11

Nix Review – With a Kiss by Kim Dare (5 Star)

Stuck in a relationship with his abusive boyfriend, Liam’s only escape is talking to the comatose Vampire that he has been visiting for three years. Every-time he takes a beating he goes to talk to the only man who never judges, never looks on him with pity and never hurts him; Marcus. Marcus has been in hell for the last three years. He was put into a coma by another Vampire but he never stopped being aware of his surroundings. Tortured with the animal blood they place into his veins, the anti-vampire proclamations by the nurses charged to take care of him and dreams of revenge, the only thing that keeps him sane is the ramblings of the boy who he has come to care for. Never once has he seen him, not once has he been able to answer him back, but he knows Liam better than any human.  Trapped inside his body, he has resigned himself to never being able to touch the man of his dreams. That… Keep Reading »