A Rae Review – Rocky Mou..

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A Rae Review – Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend (4.5 Stars)

Blake Coleman is old enough to know that acting on impulse causes nothing but a heap of trouble. But when trouble’s a western-hat-wearing blonde with slim legs that go on forever, what’s a man to do? Wanting the sweet girl next door is just wrong. The responsible thing to do is keep his hands off. […]

A Nix Short Review – Bea..

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A Nix Short Review – Beautiful Mess by Lucy Morgan (5 Stars)

After Bailey gets dumped by her long-term ex, her male friends decide to cheer her up the guy way. After getting her stinking drunk on Jaegermeister, they decide it’s about time to dish the dirt on the ex. After pointing out her lack of enthusiasm in her previous sexual experiences, they are all astounded to […]

A Nix Review – Victorian..

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A Nix Review – Victorian Scoundrel by Stephanie Burkhart (4 Stars)

Alice and Edward Windsor travel back in time to 1851, to find their Great-Great-Grandfather Prince Albert at the time of his Great Exhibition. Mindful that Edward is up to mischief, Alice has to follow her errant cousin back in time, to try to minimise the ripple effects from his time spent in the past. Upon […]

A Nix Review – Siren in ..

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A Nix Review – Siren in Waiting by Sophie Oak (5 Stars)

Beth “mouse” Hobbs has been pining after her best friend Bo O’Malley for years. After caring for her dying parents for most her adult life, she now has a chance to live for herself. The first thing she does is buy a home of her own and the next is to try to get over […]

A Rae Review – Erotic Ni..

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A Rae Review – Erotic Nights Anthology

Monsters Cum At Night by Eve Langlais Being a vampire sucks, especially when you can’t find others of your kind. That all changes one Halloween night when dark, delicious and kinky comes along to seduce me. I never imagined a threesome with a human male and my new fanged lover would fulfill my hungers, both […]

Nix Shortie Review – Wee..

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Nix Shortie Review – Weekend at Wilderhope Manor by Lucy Felthouse (4 Stars)

When Stephanie and Jenny arrive at Wilderhope Manor for the Murder Mystery weekend, they expect an intimate weekend where they can chill out and have fun. What they don’t expect is the creaky floorboards, cold spots and spooky apparitions. Having failed to listen to the introductory warnings about the manors supernatural residents, the girls find themselves taking a […]

Nix Review – Intimate Wh..

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Nix Review – Intimate Whispers by Dee Carney (3.5 Stars)

Sabrina has always been haunted by the voices of the dead. Pleading for help and desperate to be heard, they often drown out reality and overwhelm her. Labelled schizophrenic by the hospital, and sectioned on numerous occasions, she was able to find no solace. That was until He came. He came to her at night […]

Nix Review – Dangerous C..

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Nix Review – Dangerous Charade by Elizabeth Means – 4.5 stars

Gabrielle Broussard runs away from her family home after her Uncle tries to marry her off to a sadistic man to repay a gambling debt. She finds herself working for a private investigative firm and, after only weeks of intensive training, finds herself on her first case. Posing as a Governess to a 2 year […]

Nix Review – Temporary P..

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Nix Review – Temporary Position by Scarlett Parrish (5 stars)

Office parties are always the scene for drunken mistakes and inter-office flings. Unfortunately, Jess Ludlow can’t blame her behaviour on alcohol when, during the regional management gathering, she ends up kissing two different men on the drive home. Neither Tyler nor Sebastian seems to mind sharing her, in-fact they seem to relish it. When they […]

Nix Review – Slave by Sh..

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Nix Review – Slave by Sherri Hayes (5 Stars)

When Stephan gets a call from his friend Darin about a slave in distress, he is taken aback by the suggestion that he can help.  The girl in question is the property of a rather sadistic Dom Ian, but blatantly doesn’t want to be so. After making some inquiries, Darin has established that the sub […]