A Cowboy’s Muse – Beth Williamson

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When a lightning storm goes crazy, Clio finds herself transported through time to the Wild West. A Goddess Muse from Olympus, she has only ever read about this time period in her history books. She certainly doesn’t fit in with the locals in her purple toga and the resident’s mistake her for a prostitute. When she starts spouting about her real identity, the local Sheriff takes her for a crazy person and escorts her to the nearest lodging. She finds that she wants to go with the twinkly eyed hunk, but does he feel the same tingles in his presence as she does in his?

Ace never wanted to be a Sheriff in this pokey little town. His day looks up, when the voluptuous crazy lady appears out of nowhere in front of the saloon. Once she takes up residence in the same boarding house as him, he finds it incredibly hard to resist her. When she demands he takes her to bed, he doesn’t put up much of a struggle. When the suitors start come calling he realises that he may have some competition for her heart. Will he be able to keep hold of the lady who brings out all his growly, possessive instincts?

This was a lovely little read (it’s about 50 pages long) that got better as it progressed. I enjoyed the character of Clio. The innocent wonder which she expresses when learning more about her human side was really quite cute. However, innocence is not the word I would use to describe her reaction to Ace. She may be new to the mortal plains, but she makes no bones about trying to seduce the Sheriff. From the second she makes sure he sees her naked in the moonlight, to the exchange where she demands that he takes her to bed; I knew that he didn’t have a hope in hell of resisting her in the long run. Ace was quite a grouchy hero. He doesn’t want to be a Lawman and job dissatisfaction colours his attitude towards the world. When he meets Clio, the world starts to look a little better for him. He starts to see that his job is not his whole world, that life can be more than just a pay-check. He starts to look forward to being off shift so he can spend time with her. There are numerous sex scenes between the two of them and boy are they steamy. Having no prior ideas about what is “proper” with regards to physical relations, Clio is completely uninhibited when it comes to sex and this leads to some very raunchy going on between the sheets. I loved the chemistry between the two of them and it made me believe they could work through their differences. I knew there would be problems when he finally realised that she was telling the truth about her true identity, I just hoped they could get past it. It did confuse me a little that he could be so much in love with her, yet have no idea as to who she actually is though.

A fabulously steamy read which infuses the Wild West with Ancient Greece.  An honorary Cowboy falls in love with a bossy, sexy Muse and has lots and lots of raunchy sex. An enjoyable read.

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