A Minxy Review – Pleasuring the Queen by Yvette Hines (4 Stars)

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Her Protection

 Xandier-Fiy is the strongest and fiercest warrior on the planet of Maraloo. As such, he has been given the honor of being appointed prince by the current ruler. A faithful friend and confidant to the existing queen, he will do whatever she requests; follow her directives to the letter. However, Xandier does not realize all that will be required of him. The queen has secrets, secrets that would shake the very foundation of the planet and he must protect them from those eager to gain power. In order to guard the throne and all that he has been trained to honor, he must yield to a royal request, one that may test the core of his strength and desire…
Her Pleasure

 One encounter, filled with controlled ecstasy was all Xandier was supposed to have with Malkia, a lower class female from the water markets. The queen needed to discover if Malkia was who they believed her to be. The only problem was that one moment…one occasion to touch her body was not enough. Akin to the lunduos pair colliding over the solram in the sky above his planet, Xandier’s very being becomes consumed by the Seipia female. Every breath, touch, taste and feeling is combined with hers and he begins to challenge everything he has believed. Now, time is running out and he must discover the truth and secure the throne for the rightful heir before treachery steals everything from him… 
How far will he go to protect and pleasure his queen? 
Caution: This novel is a sci-fi, erotic romance… come inside, the world of Maraloo awaits.

Pleasuring the Queen by Yvette Hines is the sci if erotic tale of Malkia and Xandier-Fiy set in the fictional world of Maraloo. The novel strives to blend together the two genres and it does it with some success, it is definitely erotic romance and it is certainly science fiction. I know, you are wondering where I am going with this, to illustrate a point I am going to badly paraphrase a review I read of the film version of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, if you dislike people shouting ‘to the bridge of Kazad Dum, avoid the film’ the same goes for this, if you are not a fan of science fiction this may not be the book for you.
Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book, because I did! But I like science fiction, I always have, I don’t mind people shouting Kazad Dum, Jasoom, Barsoom, or don’t panic bring a towel. (Lord of the Rings- Striclty speaking fantasy I know, but I love Tolkein, The John Carter of Mars stories by Edgar Rice Boroughs and finally Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- goodbye and thanks for all the fish!) But I am also very aware that science fiction often has a language all of its own which as a lover of it you invest into, as well as you do the characters and the worlds. If that’s not for you and you are now thinking ‘wow Minx is really one tiara short of a jewelry box’ then perhaps skip this one, if however you are thinking ‘COOOL! I knew all those references!’ Then pull up your space hopper, grab a Pepsi max and listen up.
This is a full on science fiction story which has an erotic romantic twist, the characters (once you get the hang of the language) are well for,ed and interesting, with the usual goodies, bodies and someone who is not quite what you thought at first. It fits the genre well and even has a moral at its core, and not simply that soul mates exist.
Shunapi the Queen is searching for someone, she is ill and growing weaker by the day, Maraloo is a matriarchal society and Shunapi’s heir is far from perfect. She believes the is another out their with the mark of a queen and so she searches, finally finding Malkia. Malkia comes from the lower levels of society, an orphan who was adopted into a loving family and taught how to fish for water meat and sell it at the water market, when she is plucked from this society and placed into the royal household she wonders why. And she isn’t the only one. At first it is believed she will be a concubine, but when she is mated to Xandier-Fiy, Shunapi’s mate in name only, Shunapi’s plans begin to come clear. But not everyone is happy and soon Malkia’s life is in danger and it falls to Xandier to save her. Not simply because Shunapi wills it, but because after the mating he can think of nothing but her. A rare bond has been developed. 
I don’t want to say too much as the book is definitely a voyage of discovery, with twists and turns and suspected murder round the corner. So I will leave you with this. It is a good science fiction erotic romance, the characters are likable and interesting and (once you get used to the language and yes there is a glossary in the back) you begin to invest in their story. The pace changes as the novel builds up and carries you away to the world of Maraloo. But it is most definitely science fiction, if you are not a fan you may find some of it a hard slog but the story is sound and good.
I give 4 Minxy scorching hot stars to ‘Pleasuring the Queen’ by Yvette Hines. Go for it, you just might like it. Now everyone, to the bridge at Kazad Dum….. Who is with me? 
I have the power! 
Minx! xx


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