A Minxy Review – Rough Diamond by Cassandra Dean (3 Stars)

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Owner of the Diamond Saloon and Theater, Alice Reynolds is astounded when a fancy Englishman offers to buy her saloon. She won’t be selling her saloon to anyone, let alone a man with a pretty, empty-headed grin…but then, she reckons that grin just might be a lie, and a man of intelligence and cunning resides beneath.


Rupert Llewellyn has another purpose for offering to buy the pretty widow’s saloon—the coal buried deep in land she owns. However, he never banked on her knowing eyes making him weak at the knees, or how his deception would burn upon his soul.


Each determined to outwit the other, they tantalize and tease until passion explodes. But can their desire bridge the lies told and trust broken?When I first saw the title I thought, ooo cowboys! Then I read the premise and I thought ooooo saloon girls and I wondered if saloon owner meets English toff with more than just a secret desire to by her land for its coal would work, and it does.

It’s a fun afternoon tea read. The story of Alice Reynolds begins with her being sent across country as a child bride, when her husband is killed in his own saloon it falls to Alice to survive in a frontier town. Fast forward seven years and that is where we meet Alice; saloon owner, business woman, theatre owner and burlesque promoter. She has pulled herself up by her corset laces and forged a new life, a life that some of the town don’t approve of sadly, which often results with her being cut in the streets. (I’m talking socially cut, not some jealous old biddy with a kitchen knife!) Some people just don’t appreciate the arts. 
Rupert Llewellyn storms into her life with an offer to buy her saloon, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Alice notices him from their first meeting and realises that his buffoonery is an act- so what does he really want? Rupert has more secrets than marmalade in a jam factory, aka a lot. Not completely who he says, he has a job to do, buy her land, the problem is… he falls hard for Alice and due to a confidentially clause in his contract he can’t tell her. But with her putting the Pinkertons on his case who will tell the truth first.
It’s a grand read, frilly and fruit and just what you need on a sunny afternoon- it doesn’t pretend to be anything that it is not. It’s a simple tale of boy meets girl, boy has secrets, girl finds out, will they survive? Especially after he has lied from the beginning. When will men learn?
Ok, plot, characters, now what is left…. oh yes, the sex, is there any? Yes, is it every page? No. Nor would I want it to be in this story, when it does come in it is at an appropriate time for the plot and character development. And yes, it hot rather than sweet, I did like the scene with the desk, but I am saying nothing more.
This is a story of relationships and in that regard I think it does what it says on the tin, it’s a rough diamond and worth a read. I give it 3 stars out of 5, perfect for sitting in the sun with you shade and a sangria! Enjoy!

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  1. This sounds like a great read. I like to read something easier/lighter in between all of those darker ones. 😉
    Thank you for sharing, Minxy.

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