A Nix ARC Contemporary Review – In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker (4 Stars)

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Becky Reid is a mass of contradictions. A small attractive stick of dynamite, she is the most unlikely custom motorcycle maker in the US. Or at least that is the impression that Frank Knight gets when he decides to use her business as a front for his special ops team.  Recognising the attraction he feels for her as an emotion that he needs to stomp on, he resolves to stay as far away from her as possible…..or at least as far away as practically living together allows.

Three years later, Becky and her friend Eve are kidnapped by Somali pirates during a boat trip. Becky knows that her rescue attempt is assured, as there is no way Black Knights Inc will let her come to harm. Of course, she’s right and the boys launch a rescue mission, determined to get the little spitfire back on home soil.  The rescue mission is bloody and fierce, with surprise guests causing upsets left, right and center.
During the rescue operation, feelings between the two leads start to flare. But there are reasons why Frank won’t act on his feelings and there are reasons why Becky should run from her feelings for Frank. Is this an attraction that is doomed to go nowhere?
This is book two in the Black Knights Inc series and I haven’t read the first in the series but I didn’t feel I missed out at all. In fact, I’ve already requested the next one from Net Galley! This is a book filled with hot alpha military types who like motorcycles….seriously, what more could I ask for 😀
There are things that I loved about this book and things that I had issues with. I find when I have such issues with a book (and can’t give away too many spoilers) the best thing to do is go for a list!
Things I liked

  • I liked Becky’s attitude. She was a no holds bars kind of woman who feared nothing. She wanted to be an operative and did everything in her power to prove that she could do it. I respected it for it and her attitude when she was kidnapped…no panicking for that girl!
  • I loved the chemistry between the two of them. It practically sizzles off  the page when the two of them are around each other and it was really quite swoon-worthy
  • The rest of the team. I want Angel’s book…..now.
  • The Somali Pirates. I love when an author picks a current hot news topic and embeds it into a storyline. I actually came close to feeling a little sorry for the Pirates when the Black Knights turned up….they were babies with guns who knew no better.
  • The pace of the book. This was a fast paced read with lots of action and angst. My cup of tea really!
Things I didn’t like

  • The “twist”. I didn’t like to think my heroine would be OK it. Him, I didn’t care so much about because knew it would be a misunderstanding.
  •  His reasoning why he couldn’t be with her. Dude, seriously? Weakest reasoning ever…..

Overall, this book gets four stars from me based on the chemistry and the fact I’m a sucker for motorcycle hero’s and black ops ones and this guy was BOTH!
This is a steamy book with engageable chemistry and wicked hot chemistry. With a whole host of side characters to get your teeth into, I will be buying the rest of the series. Can I give it any better recommendation? 

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