A Nix ARC Contemporary Review – The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler (4.5 Stars)

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Amy Sorentino is back in Catchers Creek to try to restore her family’s ranch back into something that earns money before they lose the ranch completely. After her public breakdown on reality TV, becoming the chef for their new restaurant venture seems to be the one thing that she needs….well, as long as she sticks to her rules. Rule number one is no Cowboys, but that rule is tested the second she lays eyes on Kellan.
Kellan only wants to stop the crazy lady at the store from fighting with other customers when he intervenes in Amy’s life. The next thing he knows he’s getting every piece of cowboy gear he owns out of his closet in order to use her Cowboy fetish to his advantage. The only thing he has to get past is her “no-cowboy” rule and once he sees what her last Cowboy did to her, live on TV, he realises that, although they may be able to steam up the sheets, the chances of her wanting anything more than a night are slim.
The night his creepy Uncle contacts him to tell him of his plans to bankrupt the Sorentino’s and take their ranch, he realises that his fun and steamy tryst with Amy is over.  He can’t help her and sleep with her; it would be completely unethical. He can’t tell her who he is but he can’t see her go to rack and ruin; what is a poor Cowboy to do?
We have a running joke amongst me and my friends that I’m not allowed near Cowboy land for fear I’ll be arrested for stalking one. I laughed my ass off when Amy fell hook, line and sinker for anything in a Stetson; I could totally relate JThis book was a complete revelation and I whole heartedly recommend it.
Kellan is a successful rancher who raises cattle, rides a horse and is dedicated to being successful at what he loves. I loved him.  When he meets Amy, he doesn’t see a soul mate; he’s sees a woman he wants in his bed. I laughed when he pulled out his western shirt, bolo tie and Stetson for the church service he knew she attended; he didn’t dress like that normally but pulled out all the stops once he knew her weakness.  It all seemed so carefree until his creepy Uncle entered the pages and then this angst started to appear. Kellan didn’t have a happy background, had done plenty of things that he regretted, but he was determined not to let Amy be one of them. He didn’t have to help her, could have just sowed his wild oats and moved on but instead he ignored his carnal desires to do the right thing. I really did like him.
Amy is a woman that I understood. Bar the Cowboy obsession, she was driven and ambitious. She had let a man screw her over once, she was not going to let it happen again. Unfortunately she didn’t count on the charms of Kellan. She fought against her attraction, but she couldn’t resist his ample charms. But she was determined not to let him too far in. I loved her sense of preservation, even if it was misguided. I knew the shit would hit the fan eventually; let’s be honest, it always did. The way it hit the fan wasn’t shocking, but it was enough of a hook to make me wonder what would happen. Then things took a turn for the worst with Amy’s family and there were some seriously upsetting scenes. I knew her priorities had changed but damn I wanted them to work!
The sex scenes in this book are worth their very own paragraph. The sex scenes in this book are HOT. Like melting ice cubes hot. The chemistry between them is very well written and every scene had my pulse racing and my temperature rising. There is a scene with specialty salt….Oh. My. Gosh….
A scorching hot romance between a self-made cowboy and a feisty chef. With a romance driven plot featuring some seriously hot sex scenes, I was entertained from start to finish. I loved the view we got into the lives of the residents of Catchers Creek… I wonder who we get to meet next?

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