A NIx ARC Cowboy Review – Kissin’ Tell by Lorelei James (4.5 Stars)

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Georgia Hotchkiss left Sundance under a cloud. After finding her (now ex) husband in bed with her recently deceased brothers girlfriend, she decides to leave town and start afresh. Now she’s back to help promote a rodeo that unfortunately also coincides with her high school reunion. She can’t think of anything worse than turning up to a room full of people who made her life hell and, even worse, her ex-husband and his pregnant wife. Does she snub the party and show them that they got to her? Or does she man up, brave the bitchy remarks and prove them all wrong?

Tell McKay was a late bloomer. A product of a less than perfect home, he had more important priorities to being the life and soul of the party. He looked forward to every day at school; a smile from Georgia Hotchkiss as she asked him to do her homework. When she arrives back in Sundance, he can’t wait to show her just how much he’s changed in every-way. When she asks him to be her date for the reunion, he agrees on one condition; that they spend the time preceding the event being a genuine couple in ALL ways.
Georgia can’t quite believe the hot, sweet, fun-loving Cowboy that wants to burn up the sheets with her is Tell McKay. Tell has a reputation as a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy, so chances are slim that she is in danger of getting her heart broken again. He makes her heart race (and her woman-parts rejoice) every time he looks her way; there is no way that she is saying no to his proposition.
The days preceding the event are filled with fun, sex and laughter, but the days after are filled with emotional visits from the past and secrets which threaten to destroy them. Somewhere between the Honky-tonk and the reunion, their relationship became more than sex. Will they let their pasts prevent them from ever having a true shot at a happy relationship?
I love the Rough Riders series; these books are the ones I blame fully with my love (obsession) with Cowboys and the reason I should probably avoid Texas unless I want to be arrested. That being said, these last few have felt very different. That isn’t a bad thing, they just are. The earlier books are full of horn-dog men who grew up in a happy home but are now ready to settle down. The books that have featured Casper’s sons are nothing like that. These books show cowboys emotionally scarred by an emotionally and physically abusive father, who have had to fight for every bit of Cowboy pride that they have. They keep themselves away from the rest of the clan in a way the preceding cowboys never did, holding a little resentment against the rest of the family for their easy way of life.  It gives the books a very different feel but they are no less enjoyable.

This is my Tell….
Tell’s book is very different in another way; in no way is Tell ready to settle down. Tell is a man who is all about the fun times. He sleeps with dozens of women, manages to charm them when they get pissed at him for not remembering their name and has no intentions of settling down. He is literally the teenage boy you’d shuck on the head and go “awww, you’re so naughty…” His attraction to Georgia hits him like a steam train, but it’s still more about sleeping with his teenaged obsession than the woman she has become. He is so quick to judge her on her past actions, so eager to find fault with her intentions that he pissed me right off. He wanted to strut around like a peacock with his new buff muscles and sexy moves, but he was unwilling to believe that anyone else could have changed too.
Georgia was a completely different character. People assumed that she had the easiest time in high school, but in order to try to fit in, she took considerable emotional poundings. I loved the way she faced all her fears and met with all those people who hated her in high school, trying to make them see she’d changed. I really enjoyed the way she started to bond with all the people of Sundance, having the kind of relationships that she had never really enjoyed before. I loved her girls nights out…those are the kind of evenings I enjoy J But what I really liked the most was that she wanted people to like her, but wasn’t willing to allow them to make her bend in order to do so. She is the type of heroine I love in these novels; feisty, emotionally bruised and with a back-bone made of steel.
Tell and Georgia’s relationship was fun to read, but it took me a while to take them seriously as a couple. Tell was so insistent on them just being “fun”, that even I believed it!  The sex was off the charts amazing (trampoline scene = INSPIRED!) but it was all about play-time. It is only after the emotional stuff starts to come out and slap them around the face that I started to see them as the missing piece to each other’s puzzle. What I found the most heart warming was the acceptance that they gave each other when they realised what their flaws truly were.
‘Cos this is a Rough Riders book, there is plenty of McKay man flesh around to keep me happy. With a fun-loving cowboy and a woman who is willing to experience ALL of the charms he has to offer, I got the ride I wanted. I loved Chase in this book too…. *sigh*, why aren’t these men real? 

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  1. I'm a bit nervous to read this now as I think I'm going to struggle with Tell. But the trampoline scene has me intrigued!!!

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