A Nix Arc MM Contemporary Review : My Fair Dork by Daisy Harris (4.5 Stars)

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Harold has an embarrassing secret. It’s a secret that has haunted him for years, leaving him self-conscious and unable to unveil his body in public; Harold has a very large penis.  Now some men may think that this is something to be proud of, to flaunt and use to their advantage. Not Harold. The last thing he wants is for anyone for him to know his secret which is why he is mortified when his current crush walks in on him in the shower. He wants to run and hide but he instead he stays and lets him discover his secret.

Owen can’t believe that Harold the dork is hiding something that spectacular under his trousers. Always aware that he is was, Owen has fought to appear straight for years. Although a few temptations have crossed his path, nobody has tested his resolve more than Harold; well his package anyway. He tries to simply by his friend, getting him a makeover and introducing him around campus, but it simply doesn’t tamper his lust. Soon they find themselves figuring out the logistics of having a sexual relationship when one of them is packing an organ would have sent weaker men running.

But Owen is firmly in the closet and Harold has spent years hiding in the shadows; can they really have something that lasts?

Hands up ladies, who has read a romance recently and inwardly winced and/or crossed their legs after a particularly graphic description of the Hero’s mammoth shlong?  Hats off to Daisy Harris because she addressed all of my concerns about the logistics of a sexual relationship with this problem without being overly graphic! In fact the handling of the situation was incredibly funny and endearing… I loved the idea of all the blood/energy in his body going to power his giant dong.

I absolutely adored Harold. I can relate to having body issues that you feel the need to cover, but his problem was one which prevented him from forming relationships. He was a loner by default because he avoided situations with lots of people, wore over large clothing and was generally incredibly shy. My heart bled for him and I wanted him to get someone to love him as he was. When Owen came along, he seemed genuinely happy and started to experiment with new looks, situations and friends. Yes, I understand the “changing for a man” trope is a controversial one, but I don’t feel that he did anything FOR Owen. Owen just gave him the confidence to try them out and never pushed him to keep something that he didn’t like.  Some of the makeover was done to simply show Owen what he could have….that was realistic enough for me!

Owen got massive kudos from me for his acceptance of Harold. Yes, it took him a little while to get used to being attracted to him, but Owen has been closeted for years and Harold is very openly gay.  I liked Owen but he didn’t shine as much as an individual character as Harold; he worked incredibly well in couple scenes though. I loved the way he was willing to try to make Harold be happy with all of his parts and the sex scenes were both incredibly hot and incredibly endearing. I wanted them to be together, but I knew that Harold deserved more than a secret relationship with a closeted bi man.

Overall, this book was hot, sweet and incredibly funny. I wanted this HEA after to happen, wanted Harold to stick on a pair of tight jeans and be loud and proud about his giant penis; I read it in one sitting, devouring every page. I love this series and this is a fantastic addition. Although it could be a standalone, I think that you need to know the previous couples mentioned to appreciate their involvement.      

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