A Nix ARC PNR review – Wolf Line by Vivian Arend (5 STARS)

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The wolfies are back!! Vivian Arend takes us back to the Granite Lake pack and this time it is Jared’s turn. Jared is the playboy of the pack; he has only a few rules when it comes to chasing potential bed mates and is well known to hop around. When the older brothers of his last bed mate take exception to his dalliance with their baby sister, he takes refuge on the Wolf Cruise Liner as it’s docked ready for its new journey. Problem is, he gets on just as it’s about to leave.

Keri is has promised her best friend that she will help her run her first cruise. However, when a last minute addition joins the ship, she is pretty sure he is her mate. How can she possibly concentrate on her duties when her wolf is clawing at her skin, urging her to chase down her mate? Somehow, he doesn’t seem to be as bothered by her presence as she is his, but she can’t deny her nose.
Jared is entranced by Keri, but his wolf seems fascinated by her. He can’t make too many overtures as she is one of the bosses and he is incognito on the boat with a fake name. Also one of his rules is no attached women and there is a big man who seems to be very territorial over the lady. His wolf doesn’t seem to care, but Jared can’t figure out why. Can he ignore his wolf, stick to his rules and remain incognito? Or will it all go belly up? Throw in some misunderstandings and you’ll end up with a disaster waiting to happen!
I love this series so much I was thrilled to be asked to review the latest addition. I had come across Jared in Erick’s book (Wolf Games….also awesome!) and thought he was a bit of playboy. That impression was reaffirmed by the rest of the pack at the start of the book, but I didn’t get that impression for long. He meets Keri relatively near the start of the tale and then he behaved like a sweetie. He didn’t want to go near her (he doesn’t “poach”) but her strange reactions whenever he is near her make him think her assumed boyfriend is abusive. After this he just wants to protect her…awwww! When he FINALLY realises they are mates, he just oozes seduction, charm and concern; basically he is an absolute sweetheart! I loved him. There is a scene where some pups are having fun after some soap gets poured on the bowling lanes which, as maintenance, it is his job to sort. He allows them to carry on, shows them how to get it more slippery and just cleans it later. He’s adorable!
Keri is pretty great as a character! She knows that Jared is her mate, doesn’t try and fight it, just tries to postpone it because she doesn’t want to let down her friend. Once the “misunderstandings” start, I love her reaction to it all, how she never thinks about trying to get out of the mating and just wants to protect him. They are such a lovely couple!
There is quite a bit of sex in this one, and it’s steamy, but it doesn’t overpower the tale and is simply there to compliment the story rather than overtake it. I love the humour, love and sex in tale. It’s a fantastic addition to a series I love. I also enjoyed seeing some of the previous tales characters at the beginning.
A fantastic novella complete with plenty of charm, sex and romance. I recommend it to all fans of shifter romance’s everywhere. 

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