A Nix ARC review – A Man of Distinction by Sarah M.Anderson (4 Stars)

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Nick Longhair couldn’t get away from the Reservation quick enough. Leaving behind the poverty that he associates with his upbringing, he dreams of making it as a hot shot lawyer in the city.  He left everything and everyone behind when he left, including the woman that he professed to love.
Tanya has loved Nick for as long as she could remember. When they were on the Rez together they were in separable but then he left, and seemed to forget about her. Every time he came back, she fell on the scraps of affection that he offered up to her, even when she knew he wasn’t staying.  Then she fell pregnant with his child and everything changed. 
Tanya never managed to tell him about his son and when he arrives two years later, a hot shot lawyer hired to help the tribe win an environmental case against a big company, all she knows is that she has to protect herself and her son from him at all costs.  He is mad as hell when he realises that he has a one-year old child but he is determined that no child of his shall suffer the same poverty that he did growing up.
Tanya has more to lose now than she ever did and she’s pretty sure leopards don’t change their spots. She has to protect her son when Nick leaves, but she knows she can’t stop him from being part of his life. As Nick spends more time with the two of them, he realises how happy he really is. The only problem is convincing Tanya, which looks like a walk in the park until he uncovers evidence in his trial that threatens to destroy the foundations of their fragile family bond.
I love secret baby books. Like love, love, love them. The baby story-line in this book worked really well for me….it was the thing that kept me reading for the whole thing. Baby Edward (Bear) was the highlight for me…I loved him 🙂
Tanya was a fabulous heroine. A single mother with ambitions of making the life of the residents better, I loved her strength throughout this book. Her only weakness was Nick but she tried so hard not to succumb for the sake of her child. The feelings that she had about being a unfit mother because she couldn’t pay for medical care made my heart bleed. There must be thousands of women struggling with the same thoughts all over the place and I loved that th author wasn’t afraid of touching on such issues. One of the most enjoyable things about this series is the way that the author addresses the issues that minorities such as Native American’s face.
Nick was a problem for me in this book. He had a side that I loved and engaged with straight away but there was a side which I really couldn’t get into.  I loved Nick as a Father. He took straight to Bear and was all smooth and lovely (a car toddler bed?? LOVE!) He has massive issues with his heritage, believing all Indians to be poor and deprived. It was sad how much he pushed against it all and I really did feel for him. I liked the Nick that hung around the Rez. My problem is Chicago Nick is a complete douche and it flawed my opinions of him.  It was like he was two different people with Chicago Nick sleeping with tramps, allowing his boss to make racist slurs in front of him and lying repeatedly to Tanya. Because of Chicago Nick, I found it really hard to warm to the whole character and this did impact the story.
Overall, this was a book that left me conflicted.  For the majority of the tale, I loved it. I loved the amount of chemistry that the leads had between them, I loved the happy family and I sobbed at parts near the end. If you like secret baby stories try this one and definitely try this series.

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