A Nix ARC review – Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane (3.75 Stars)

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Life for Cassie involves going to work and going home; there is very little room for anything in-between! Since her Father had a heart attack, it’s gotten so bad she has taken to hiring men to take her to functions to keeper match-making family at bay. When it comes to the latest function, it seems that the escort agency has outdone themselves. He’s suave, gorgeous and very charming…. he’s even putting her “no-sleeping with the escort” rule to the test.  He really does seem too good to be true….
James Sutton is due to meet a legend in his business, Al McPhereson. When he arrives for his meeting he sees no sign of the man, but a gorgeous brunette approaches him, assuming he is escort. Fascinated as to where this is going, and realising that she is the daughter of the man he is there to meet, he decides to pretend that he is exactly who she thinks he is and see where the evening takes them.
Sparks start to fly within minutes but only one of them knows who the other really is. What will Cassie think when she realises the competition she is so attracted to is the man she blames for putting her father in the hospital with a stress related heart attack? And once they give in to the heat between them, will it be easy to wash away any feelings as she realises what a mistake she has made.
I love Katie Lane’s books so I immediately requested this book on netgalley. It wasn’t what I expected and, although I enjoyed it overall, there were problems that stopped me giving this four stars. It didn’t have the comical characters that I loved with the other books in the series but it did have a comical setup with the mistaken identity trope. I loved the set-up, loved the main characters but the side characters took away from the main plot and dampened my excitement for this book.
When I think of Katie Lane books, I think of sweet love stories with a lot of heat.  This one certainly fits that bill! The main love story was so cute but you could see the crap hitting the fan from a mile away. Cassie has had a downer on men since the last man she had a serious relationship with and since then has paraded an endless assortment of young escorts to her family’s shin-digs.  James is definitely the best of the bunch but, as cute as he is, there is no way she will carry on their liaison when she finds out who he is. The initial party scenes are the funniest in the entire book. With an elderly aunt who tries to put James through his paces to see if he is worthy of her niece to the scenes where a very drunk Cassie tries to convince James he wants to sleep with her, I chuckled with every page turn.
As they grew closer, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t tell her who he was. It was obvious that they were going past the initial feelings of lust and it would have been the ideal time to fess up but he didn’t. I knew it was going to be bad when he did find out…it was like a car crash waiting to happen and I couldn’t look away. You’ll have to read it to see what happens, but I liked it!
The side story with Amy and Rory was pretty interesting up until its resolution. I enjoyed the tension and the back story between the two of them and it had the potential to be one of the best part of the story. Unfortunately, the resolution really didn’t work for me as I found it rushed and a little bit twee. I was a little disappointed and its probably for this reason that it didn’t quite make 4 stars.
Overall, this is a sweet book with some genuine comedy moments and a steamy love story at its core. With crazy aunties, mistaken identities and the holiday blues all around, it’s clear this will be a crazy ride.

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