A Nix ARC review – Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione (5 Stars)

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Reseph has been rescued from the bowels of hell, but now he is dropped in the middle of nowhere with no memories.  When he is found, naked and confused in the snow, the only option his rescuer has is to take him back to her isolated cabin to look after him.
Jillian moved to the middle of nowhere when demons ruled the Earth courtesy of Reseph’s demon half Pestilence. She suffered at the hands of the monsters but little does she realise that she has the king of the monsters in her home. 
As Reseph and Jillian become closer out there in the wilderness, rumblings begin that maybe Pestilence isn’t as dead as originally thought. Now the hunt is on for the former warlord, but who will find him first? His brothers need to find him to finish what they thought they had started and keep their families safe but others are looking for him for far more nefarious means. When Reseph remembers who, and what he is, will he manage to keep hold of his humanity in the face of all the evil he has done? And when it all comes out in the wash, will Jillian run screaming when she faces his truly heinous past?
This book was one that I eagerly anticipated from the first time I cracked the spine on this series. As the series progressed, it became more difficult for me to see HOW it was going to happen. Pestilence is truly abhorrent. The things he does over the course of the books made me hate him; as a reader I didn’t know how I was going to react to his HEA. Larissa Ione managed to get me to a place where I could accept his HEA by successfully separating the characters of Reseph and Pestilence in my mind….it was very artfully done.
There are so many things that I could give away with this tale, so this review will be especially short and sweet. There are so many plot strings to tie up that I would recommend you read the previous three again before, just to refresh your mind as to everyone’s story. The entire gang is all present and the scenes between the siblings are quite hard to read. They had resigned themselves to the fact that Reseph was dead, separated the two entities in their minds and then killed him. To see him back, in the face of all that he did to them, is hard for them to accept and they don’t take the news well.  In fact the person that takes the news the best is Jillian.
Reseph as a man was quite adorable. Protective, saucy and a little bit funny, I truly fell for the character. I couldn’t see an inch of Pestilence in him and that really helped me. I have to admit when I first found out about Jillian’s history, I gasped.  All of her trauma is his fault….how could she forgive him? I think in a way this was very clever writing; if she could accept his change then why couldn’t I?
I loved the world building in this series, I loved the characters, I loved the sex scenes and I loved the love story. The themes of redemption and penance make this one of the most satisfying of the series; I fell slightly in lust with Reseph through his siblings memories and I really wanted to believe that he was back and this wasn’t all just a twisted plan. Look out for the bits with Reaver and Harvester….. I cannot wait for that book!

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