A Nix ARC review – Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton (5 Stars)

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Jenna Riley is used to being around sportsmen. Running a popular Sports Bar, and growing up surrounded by brothers who are all exceptional at various sports, she has had her fill of that type of man. Vowing never to date a Sports star, she tries her hardest to keep her attraction to the gorgeous Hockey player Tyler Anderson at bay. Problem is, he doesn’t want her to keep it at bay.
Tyler has never been short of willing bed-mates but Jenna fascinates him in a way that he can’t understand. He finds he always wants to go to her bar after a game, always wants to see her or be near her. She is an itch he can’t scratch. He knows she feels the heat too but is running from her desires. Deciding to pursue her, he starts to push at the feisty bar manager. When Jenna realises that the sparks she feels for Tyler overwhelm any attraction she feels for other men, she knows that she will have to get him out of her system one way or the other. Will she take a shot on Tyler?
Wow, this series has got better and better with every book! This book contained all the ingredients of the perfect romantic book; a reluctant heroine, a completely swoon-worthy hero and a variety of lovely smutty sex 😀  I read it in one sitting I enjoyed it so much….Ms Burton, you have me hooked! This book has a very different feel to the other two in the series. Tyler is not the reluctant alpha hero and Jenna is a lot feistier, and more immediately likable, than the first two heroines.  It made the book seem a lot softer and more romantic than the first two and I enjoyed the change of pace (Don’t get me wrong here…nothing wrong with the smuttiness of the first two books….AT ALL! 😀 ) It is my favourite to date.
Jenna is a lovely, intelligent heroine. The only issue is that she doesn’t know herself very well. Sport’s is in her blood, in her heritage, yet she tries to bar a whole section of men from her life because she feels that she needs to be something else. I really enjoyed her feistiness and her humour. She could hold her own in a bar full of men and not even bat an eyelash; it was nice to read a genuinely nice ladies book.  I loved that she was so in tune with everyone else’s feelings. This lead to some genuinely touching moments with Tyler when his emotional baggage becomes something he needs to deal with.
Tyler is AWESOME. He is smart, funny, supportive and a little bit of a sneaky sod to be honest. From the second he jumps behind the bar to help her out on a busy night, I knew I was going to love him and I was spot on. Not only was he a great character to read about, he was great for Jenna. He knew when to push her, knew when he had gone too far and knew how to be creative when it came to worming his way past those defences that she attached to her heart.  He pushes her into becoming something that she was too afraid to become and I adored him for it. It’s very rare that you meet a character that has motivations so pure; he genuinely doesn’t care what the implications are for him because he wants the best for her. I have added him to the book boyfriend Harem…in-fact there are a few that are being kicked out because of him J

I mentioned the sex scenes above and now I’m dedicating a section to them. Phwoar….. *fans* There is ice sex, snooker-table sex, private box sex……it’s all so freaking hot! Jaci Burton writes very very hot sex and I have enjoyed all the scenes throughout the series. There is no pretence in them, no glossing over the details with flowery euphemisms that drive me to distraction. They are sensual and erotic (and a little acrobatic in this one :D). I adore them.  It was another feather in Tyler’s cap that he was so damn sexy and considerate in them; the man has very few faults 😀
Overall, a fabulously sexy book that is definitely my favourite so far in the series. In fact, it’s so good I’m buying the paperback for my keeper shelf even though I have an ARC. With two characters that instantly engaged me, I was rooting for their HEA from start to finish.

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