A Nix Contemporary ARC review : Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis (5 Stars)

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Grace has loved her time in Lucky Harbor, but it may be coming to an end. With no job prospects on the horizon, it looks like she may be soon leaving her friends behind to head for pastures new. Whilst she looks for a permanent job, she takes any odd-jobs she can find, even looking after the delicious Dr Josh’s demon dog. When Josh’s babysitter quits, she finds herself with an even bigger role within his crazy household; as live in nanny, dog-sitter and all round surrogate woman of the house.
Josh is struggling to fit all his tasks into one day. Between running a busy practice, looking after his son and navigating the emotions of his disabled sister, he really doesn’t have time to be Josh the man. When Grace bursts into his life, accepting the craziness and somehow showing him what’s missing, he is overwhelmingly attracted to her. She is good with all the members of the house, would do anything for anyone and seems to want Josh exactly as he is. The only problem is he really doesn’t have enough hours in the day to have any type of relationship with her.
Once that chemistry starts to bubble, there really is no way of stopping the impending sexual liaison. But with Grace leaving and Josh so busy, there is no way that this can end well. But, when push comes to shove, can Grace extract herself from the family life that she has managed to tie herself into? And is there any chance of Josh letting her?
I love, love, love this series! I go through phases of loving and hating books in the Contemporary genre but these are books I’ve read at least twice each in the short space of time I’ve had them. This may be my favorite of the series as it blends humor, sexual tension and the chaos of family life into one engrossing package. Of course it helps that Dr Josh is awesome….as is his sister 😀
Grace is a fantastic heroine.  She is fun, smart and completely giving. When she accepts the position as the live-in nanny, it is because she genuinely wants to help. Her attraction to Josh isn’t one of the factors that she takes into consideration because that will only make it harder to leave at the end. She knows that she shouldn’t, but she can’t help falling in love with that family as a unit. From the little boy who refuses to speak, communicating only by barking like a dog, to the disabled sister who makes it her life’s mission to annoy Josh, she finds that she fits in more than she ever did with her own family. I couldn’t see how she was going to walk away at the end, but it was clear that she wouldn’t find a job in banking in a town as small as Lucky Harbor.
Josh doesn’t take the award for my favorite hero of this series (that crown is reserved for Matt) but he comes darn close. He is a man dedicated to everyone else, to doing the right thing and to being darn sexy (he works out…a lot). For all his intelligence though, he didn’t have the sense to run away from Grace when he decided that he had no space in his life for a woman.  He had no chance of running away from the woman who gets his son to talk, his sister to behave and brings some serenity to his life.

The people of Lucky Harbor are as crazy as ever in this one and provide some fantastic moments throughout. In every small town romance I read, there are constant jokes and references to the small town gossip vine. In this series there is a Facebook wall where all gossip gets uploaded….I laughed so hard!!  Then there was a lovely scene where the Facebook wall was used for good….I won’t spoil it!! J

Josh and Grace are a fantastic couple. They are entertaining and swoon worthy, with a combustible chemistry. From the scene where they have sex in the pool to the part where he turns to her after a very rough day, I loved them.  They were the ultimate romance couple; I laughed, swooned and got hot flushes J A must-read series.

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