A Nix Contemporary Review – Ashes and Wine by Taryn Elliott (5 Stars)

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The day that Tessa locked eyes on Royal, she felt a flare of attraction that made her forget why she was at his winery that day. Together, they spent the day sampling new blends and getting to know each other. But when the day was over, it seemed their magical connection disappeared too. Now she only sees him once a month when he comes to her book store to test out his wine on her customers. The attraction is still there, leaving her longing for something more, but the easiness between them has disappeared, a brick wall between them keeping them apart.
Royal wants Tessa more than anything, but he can’t have her. With his Father sick, he has too many things that come before his own needs, too many responsibilities as one of the heirs to his Fathers winery. But he can’t stay away, has to go down to the bookstore once a month to see her. Then one of those visits, everything changes. He lets the attraction overwhelm him, making a play for her in a way he has never allowed himself before and stealing a kiss. Now everything for him has changed, but nothing in his situation has changed.
Pushing her away, he goes back to his life.  But now he’s had a taste, can he keep on pushing her away? And if he does reach out to her for support, is he too late?
Sometimes you read a book that makes you remember a part of your life that you don’t remember too fondly and it stirs up a hornet nest. That’s what this book did for me. I got so emotionally involved in this novella that I don’t know that I couldn’t give it anything less than five star because I was hooked. I had to know how it ended, had to know whether or not there was a happy ending for our H/h.  I have seen what long-term illness can do to a person, seen how it changes a person and leaves them, albeit temporarily, treating themselves as if they don’t matter. My heart broke for Royal and I wanted more than anything for him to be happy.
The writing of this book was fantastic. There was emotion on every page and I found myself immersed in the lives of these two people. The scenes with just the two of them were sensual and desperate and the scenes with the family were heart-breaking. This review is making this book sound like the most depressing story ever published but there was humour in Tessa’s life; I loved the scene in which her and her best friend talk man-problems over a bottle of tequila. Been there, done that and had the hangovers to prove it; yet another example of how this author has created a story that seemed to touch on memories of my own life and suck me in!
Tessa and Royal were very well written characters. We meet them half way through their tale, when they have already met and tortured each other with forbidden fantasies. I loved them both, believed in their tales and wanted them to work out. The sex scenes were amazing, prolonged pieces of writing which showed the emotion building between the two characters. I loved them.  We only got a glimpse into the side characters but there are some that made an impression already and I would love to read more about them.  
This book was a very personal five star read for me. It touched emotions in me that I thought were forgotten but it was more than that; it was a very well written, emotion driven romance. I don’t think that anyone could read this book and not feel for Royal and want a happy ending. No, it isn’t an easy read but as much as it put me through the wringer, I enjoyed the resolution even more for it.  

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  1. Wow. I'm blown away. Thanks so much for such an amazing review. I'm so glad you 'got' it. I know firsthand how easy it is to put your own life on the back burner in this situation. Thanks for such a thoughtful review.

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