A Nix Contemporary Review – Double Down by Katie Porter (3.75 Stars)

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Major Ryan “Fang” Haverty lives so much inside his own head, reality has become far more boring than fantasy. He considers his need to esacpe reality during sex as a sordid, sick need which means no woman will ever want him. That is until he meets sexy waitress Cassandra. He sees her seamed stockings first and the rest of her last; she sends all his blood racing south and he simply must become more than just a customer in her life. When she agrees to meet him after his shift, he embarks on a journey that he never thought was possible in his wildest dreams.
Cassandra Whitman is living someone else’s dream. An Art History Major, she finds herself waitressing in a dead-end job and doing Canyon tours for her parent’s small business. It isn’t the life she dreamed of. After a particularly bad shift, with a lovely cameo by her ex-boyfriend, a gorgeous hunk of a man wants to take her out. It isn’t her usual MO to say yes, but the thought of rubbing her attractiveness in the face of her ex means that she does. When he takes her to the Casino, his blatant desire for her creates a similar response within her and she ends up booking into a hotel room and playing French Maid to his RAF Pilot.
What follows that weekend is the beginnings of a relationship like no other they have experienced. But, of course this wouldn’t be a romance if there were not major obstacles in their way. For Cassandra, she has to navigate a relationship with the knowledge that there is a very real possibility that Ryan could be redeployed to war. Trying to give your all to a relationship is hard enough, but doing it whilst trying not to imagine the future is near impossible. Meanwhile, Ryan has always considered his sexual needs to be sick and perverse. How can he have any hope for this relationship if he can’t be himself?
I’ve read books by both of these authors (Carrie Lofty and Lorelei Brown), loved them and so was uber excited about this one. When I saw it was about a guy who had a role playing kink, I was totally hooked in! I enjoyed the sex scenes where they were playing; from hooker and John to naughty school girl and professor, they were all scorching hot and amazingly fun. I did have a bit of a problem with Ryan’s negative attitude towards his kink; at first it was fine, but the constant repetition of the issue and the way he used it to make Cassandra feel about herself began to grate.
Ryan is a man who thinks waaaayyyy too much. He can quite happily live in the moment, but after he analyses and questions things to death. I love my Hero’s tortured, but he let this get in the way of every aspect of his life and that just made me feel sorry for him. I loved him within his sex-scenes with Cassandra, loved that he changed her life for the better by giving her the courage to fight for what she wanted and generally LOVED the fact that he was in the military, but I’m not sure that made me love him as character overall.
Cassandra I adored. She had no issues with her sexuality and accepted her feelings for Ryan readily. What I particularly liked about her storyline was that she highlighted the issues that are faced by people within relationships with people in the military. She didn’t know if she could have anything more than a fling with Ryan because there were no guarantees he wouldn’t be redeployed. She faced her own life challenges more readily because he supported her, they were in all but name a relationship, but to name it made the realities of their situation more real.
The sex scenes in this book are amazingly well written. They are hot, imaginative and completely engrossing. If you want a book with a lot of very hot sexing, and a couple very into roleplaying, this is a book you may enjoy!  

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