A Nix Contemporary Review – Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis (5 Stars)

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Mallory Quinn is a good girl. A nurse in the small town of Lucky Harbour, she is used to being seen as the town sweetheart and a complete opposite to her crazy siblings. When a storm scares the beejesus out of her and her friends whilst they are trapped at the fabulously named “Eat-Me” diner, she vows to bring some crazy into her life, starting with dating a Mr Wrong. When a stranger hurt in the storm lands on the doorstep of the diner, it looks like someone has heard her new vow and sent her a sexy man in the shape of Ty Garrison.

Ty Garrison has been in Lucky Harbour for months, but he hasn’t really tried to integrate himself into the small town. He has been trying to rehabilitate an injury so he can get back to life in the military….he has no intentions of setting down roots. When he regains consciousness in the storm and claps eyes on Mallory, he has the unwelcome return of a sex-drive which has been dead for a while. But whilst he is happy to help Mallory explore her wild side, he has to make sure that, when he is fit for duty, she realises that he is long gone.
Mallory knows Ty is Mr All Wrong, but she vowed to explore her wild side and the man stirs her in ways that no one has in a long while. Ty is used to having no roots, no reason to stick around. But the problem with a place like Lucky Harbour is that people refuse to stay out of your business and let you keep yourself apart. With a set of nosy people worming their way into his business and a woman who stirs him like no other, is he really going to be able to up and leave when the doctor gives him the all clear? And when Mallory gets herself into a trouble at work over a issue which is close to his heart, can he really let her face her challenges alone?
I’m in the UK which means I can’t get hold of the Lucky Harbour Series on eBook. Yes, I know I could look at the paperback, but the other half has made me limit my paperback buying under threat of making me move into the room WITH my books. What all this means is that I haven’t read the first three books in the series….I tell you right now that is going to change! I love love loved this series and AM going to buy the other books. They are sweet reads with laugh out loud moments and some very smutty sex…it was just what I needed.
Mallory may seem sweet and innocent, but the constant pressure of having to be the nice Quinn is starting to take its toll. She can never be seen to just let loose and it’s darn tiring! When the storm hits, a couple of changes happen to her life. The first, and one of my favourite aspects of the book, is the Chocoholics club is formed. What this means is that the three women of the story get together to discuss life and love over chocolate cake. These meetings were actually some of the best parts of the book and had some moments which I truly adored and laughed at. The next thing was obviously that Ty was brought into her life… *swoon*.
Ty is awesome, a true Alpha wild man with a stubborn streak.  He has lots of emotional baggage from his time in the forces and he doesn’t want to be attached to anyone, let alone someone as sweet as Mallory. Yet when she looked after him in the storm, he felt the spark of attraction and something more from her comforting embrace. He can’t help but crave that, so he takes himself out of isolation and puts himself into the limelight for her. When he gets her alone in that loft for the first time…*fans* Oh my, this book has some amazing sex scenes, but the desperation and sheer lust in that initial sexual encounter makes it my favourite. It’s quite clear that the both of them are fighting a losing battle from the offset; Ty goes against all his usual nomadic habits from day one to spend time with her and she is not the type of girl to have regular, emotionless sex with a guy. But, old habits die hard and fears run deep…it was never going to be a smooth run!
There are many other things to love about this book apart from the main story. I love small town books, and this one has the same feel to many others that I have read about. Everyone knows everyone else and seems to have an excessively long memory where indiscretions are concerned, everyone assumes that their opinion is needed and there are always some amazing characters present. I think one of my favourite aspects is the Facebook page and its constant updating with local gossip such as Ty sightings (AKA Mysterious Cute Guy) before he became less of a hermit. That people were stalking Mallory and Ty on a date to update the Feed made me chuckle.
I smiled through page after page of this book. It kept me reading well into the small hours and I can honestly say that I adored every aspect. It was funny, sexy and completely endearing…it’s a must-read! 

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