A Nix Contemporary Review – Vance’s Rules by Anne Rainey (4 Stars)

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When the girl who broke Vance Jennings’s heart twelve years ago shows up on her doorstep looking for a second chance, he can’t think of doing anything other than running in the other direction. He thought he had finally managed to fill the hole she left when she ran, but upon seeing her again he realises that all he had really done was disguise it.  But she broke his heart all those years ago; why in the hell would he give her a second chance?
Shayla had no choice but to leave Vance all those years ago, but her circumstances have definitely changed. She is now in a position to start living the live she wants and the first thing she does he return to the man she gave her heart to. She knows that it won’t be easy to win him back but the stakes are too high not to try.
This is the second book in the Blackwater series and I will be reading the rest of the series. This one covers a trope that I really like; that of long-lost loves returning to throw a spanner in the world of the Hero. It didn’t have that much tension as there were no real obstacles in the way of these two getting back together. The family liked her and there were no significant others to get out of the way. In fact, the only thing that was in the way of these two getting it on was Vance’s hurt feelings. It made this one a very quick read but it wasn’t as meaty as Rainey’s other books.
Vance was a good hero to read about. He is a strong, slightly gruff man who is complete family orientated. The fact that he is rebuilding his adopted families’ diner with his brothers as “repayment” made both my heart ache and swoon. The fact that he thought they warranted that level of thanks was alien to me, but I have never been in the position all five Jennings boys are in. I loved him as a Hero; he was everything I wanted him to be. He was strong, compassionate, sensual and reach-for-the-ice-bucket sexy.
Shayla had all of my respect. She was a strong heroine; the reason that she left would have been massive to a teenage girl and she honestly thought she was protecting him. When she arrives back, it is with the sole intention of winning back Vance. She is prepared to fail but thinks the risk is worth it; this woman was pretty kickass.  Of course the only way she can convince him to give her another shot is to tell him it’s all just sex.  I really felt for her when I listened to the stories of her childhood. They both had experienced the kind of emotions that children really shouldn’t have to feel and I wanted them to get their HEA.
The sex is awesome but I expect nothing less from Anne Rainey. There was a whole lot of bossiness going down and Vance is a pretty intense kinda lover. It is a smoking sexy book and that is the thing I went away from this book. Just look at the cover….that tells you everything you need to know *fans* 
Overall, this is a smoking hot book about two lovers reconnecting and second chances. I really liked it….I would love to read Vance’s twin brothers tales immediately….I think Rivers will be a very emotional book!      

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