A Nix Contemporary Review – Virgin Territory by Cari Quinn (5 Stars)

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Vincent is an office man by day and a Romance writer by night. His reputation is that of a complete man-slut, but the reality is there is only one woman who currently holds his attention. He frequents the local gas-station almost every night to clock eyes on the object of his affections; Kiki Wyatt. He’s tried almost everything to get her attention; he flirts, he looks his best, he buys ridiculous amount of condoms….nothing seems to faze her! When writers block leaves him staring at his computer screen for nights on end, he can only conclude that his sexual dry spell is leaving him bereft of inspiration. Can he finally convince the feisty cashier to let him have his wicked way with her?

Kiki hates her job at the Gas and Gulp. The only highlight is the brief glimpse of the handsome Vincent on her shifts. The man is gorgeous, but unfortunately he falls directly into the look but don’t touch category. His reputation precedes him and Kiki is not about to get involved with a womanizer again, no matter how much he makes her heart race. Holding out to the pheromones the man is exuding is hard, especially when he keeps throwing his sexual prowess at her. Can she keep on resisting in the face of such overwhelming temptation?

When an armed man tries to hold up the gas station on the night of Kiki’s shift, the two of them find themselves thrust together in unbelievable circumstances. Jumping in front of Kiki, Vincent manages to get himself shot and also get himself a better platform for his hunt; he now has her gratitude. When guilt forces her into helping the injured Vincent continue writing his books, her resistance starts to waver. Spending all day, every day in his apartment writing sex scenes together creates a sexual tension that affects them both. With both of them trying desperately cling onto their “single” status, what ridiculous solution will they come up with to try douse the flames of passion between them?

I was approached to review this book because I’d confessed that I love Geeky heroes. I didn’t get many Geeky vibes from Vincent but boy was he hot. An office boy by day, he writes romances under a fake female pseudonym by night. He is massively attracted to Kiki but, because this is a Romance and there has to be a “but”, he doesn’t want a relationship and feels if he could add her to his collection of notches on his bedpost, he’d be able to get her out of his system. Then the gunman appears and it seems like he will be soon getting his wish as a very grateful/guilty Kiki agrees to spend all day every day with him, helping to finish his book. I do love men in denial; Kiki has been under his skin for a while, there is no way that a one-night stand would be enough to cleanse him of his fears. Once she agrees to some mattress dancing, and his condition of no strings, he starts to engage in lots and lots of sexy times with her. The thing is, he didn’t see the fatal flaw in his plan. Yes, if they were only having sex, he would have no difficulties in keeping it purely down and dirty. But it wasn’t just sex. They were talking, writing scenes together and generally getting to know one another along the way. I loved how grumpy he got when some emotion emerged that proved he was starting to feel more for Kiki than he wanted to. I also loved how Kiki just wouldn’t put up with it. He wanted nothing but sex, but how can he maintain a sex only deal with a woman who starts to know, and accept, all his dreams, hopes and fears? 

Kiki was pretty awesome. She was one of those deluded heroines who think that they don’t need a man because they are all git’s after a bad experience with an ex. My first clue that this was a delusion was when she is spotted reading one of Vincent’s romance novels. Women who read romance believe in love! My next was her reaction to Vincent. Yes, she started to sleep with him to scratch an itch, but it becomes more than that. As they work together, she starts to see the man behind the sexy glasses and suave attitude. She gives herself to him whole-heartedly, withholding nothing from him. Her mouth may still reiterate that there is nothing between them but sex, but the way she conducts herself shows that it is only the conscious part of her holds this view. The problem is that her emotional scars run deep (Nico the slimy ex made sure of that), so when the brain starts to realize what the heart is up to, there is a high probability she will run. I loved the scenes between them where they were talking about the past; they were so touching to read. But will they ever stand a fighting chance at getting their HEA with so much baggage standing between them?

I loved this book. I loved the drama, I loved the characters and I loved the explosive chemistry between them both. It was more of a contemporary romance than the rest of her backlist, but this was probably because of the length of the tale stretched out the storyline, making it seem like it was less erotic than previous short stories (in reality, it wasn’t). It had a dreamy reluctant hero, a feisty heroine, good side characters and lots and lots of steamy sex. If I had one complaint it would be about Vincent’s reaction to the subplot involving his Grandmother, which made him seem a little petulant and a little bit less attractive. Overall, a recommended read

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  1. Great review! I'm new to Cari's works, but Virgin Territory sounds delish!! Will definitely add to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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