A Nix Contemporary Romance Review – Saving Sydney by Jenny Lyn (4.5 Stars)

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Sydney has spent the majority of her adult years cleaning up her families mess. When she runs into old school-mate Reece, the sparks begin to fly and they begin to have lots and lots of illicit sex. I say illicit because that’s what it is; they meet in his office, have spectacular sex and then she leaves. She doesn’t have room in her life for Reece fulltime, but she simply can’t stop seeing him. Between her warring parents, her selfish brother and a demanding job, there is little room for anyone. The only thing Sydney recognises is that the seconds she has to herself, she spends in blissful peace with Reece.
Reece doesn’t want to be just convenient shag to Sydney. She captivates him on a level that no one else has, he wants to be part of her life. Every time he asks her for more, she shoots him down.  Then, as a snub towards her mother, Sydney asks him to be her escort to a dinner and lifts the restrictions on their relationship. From then on, it’s sex and relationships for our happy couple. It looks like there could be true love on the cards, but things never run that smooth!
Reece is a man who has worked all his life to get to where he is. He knows going into the relationship that Sydney is worth some money, but when the true extent of her wealth is shoved into his face, he finds it hard to understand what it is that he brings to the relationship.  Can Reece get over his male pride enough to realise that he is pushing away the woman of his dreams?
I really enjoyed this novella and was very surprised by how engaging the characters were. The book starts with a bang (literally ) with Reece and Sydney having sex on his desk at his bar. The sex was incredibly hot, but it gave me rather a false view of what the rest of this book would be like. I expected a book full of red hot sex, but what I got was a rather sweet and sexy story about a woman who didn’t believe she had time for love and a man determined to catch the girl of his dreams.
Reece is a complex man and I loved him. He is a blue-collar man who has worked his way into the position of his dreams. The owner of his own bar, he was proud of what he’d accomplished. When Sydney walks back to his life, it doesn’t take him long to realise that he wants to be more than a dirty little secret. When she finally lets him in, I was impressed with his attitude. He didn’t push her into anything she didn’t want to do (e.g. introduce him to her parents), kept a very dignified stance on their relationship and was just generally the perfect man. He is sexy, fun and damn generous in the sack (the sign of a true romantic hero :D). Shame he buggers it all up when he starts being all cave man (you woman, me provider).
Sydney is actually really fun. I understood her reluctance to get involved with Reece at the start because she had so much on her plate I wasn’t sure how she was still functioning. The thing I really liked was that once she let him in, she truly let him in and embraced their relationship. There were no barriers, no pretences and just no holding back. Yes, she didn’t disclose the true extent of her wealth, but that wasn’t a conscious decision, more an oversight. Reece was a breath of fresh air in a life that is very much stagnant; I truly enjoyed them together as a couple. The sex is off the charts hot too…Reece is a very, very naughty boy. The scenes at his party were the perfect summation up of this relationship; sweet and fun romantic conversations/flirting interspersed with imaginative, smutty sex.
Overall, a sweet yet steamy read that kept me engaged with a fabulous love story between two very compelling characters. The sex enhanced the story rather than ran it, making this a lovely erotic romance novella that I thoroughly enjoyed. The side characters were pretty interesting soon…I hope Deke gets a story 😀

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