A Nix Cowboy Contemporary Review – Untouched by Maisey Yates (5 Stars)

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Untouched by Maisey Yates
Series: Silver Creek #2
Published by Penguin Group US on 2014-01-21
Genres: Contemporary, Cowboys
Pages: 190
Format: eBook
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In the Silver Creek romance Unexpected, Cole Mitchell found love in the last place he ever thought to look. Now, in USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates’ newest novel, Cole’s little sister Lark is determined to have her turn...

Having never left the family ranch, Lark Mitchell needs a little adventure—or at least a romance that isn’t confined to the internet. Her older brothers Cole and Cade have always been too good at protecting her innocence, but even they can’t stop her from taking a second job—where her boss just so happens to be the kind of bad boy she craves. Too bad he’s also the one guy in Silver Creek she should never touch...

When Quinn Parker introduces himself, Lark tries to quit on the spot. Everyone knows Quinn was behind the accident that ended Cade’s rodeo career. But when he holds her to her contract, she can’t help wanting to get even closer. As she begins to see the man behind the gossip, she sees that not all of the things people say about him are true...even if there’s plenty about this bad boy she has yet to discover.

FTC : I requested this book for a fair and honest review. I have no relationship with the author bar a couple of twitter exchanges; I just really wanted to read a contemporary cowboy book with a virgin heroine (and I loved the first in the series) 😀

I loved this book; the first in the series was sweet but the emotional depth of this one made it a real page turner. Lark was a fantastically feisty and strong heroine who was perfect fit for a damaged hero such as Quinn. The resulting love story is funny, heart-wrenching and just down-right swoon-worthy… I highly recommend.

Lark was the heart of this book and, for me, her character made the book as memorable as it was. Although she is introduced to us as the virginal misfit who spends more time on a computer than she does with people, she was surprising emotionally intelligent and strong-willed. She realizes quite quickly that Quinn is a) not responsible for the injury to her brother (there was much soul-searching before this decision was made) and b) a man she wants to be romantically involved with. I loved the way that she dealt with Quinn, trying to smooth his rougher edges with her own brand of persuasion and humor. She didn’t allow him to be a complete git to her, but she understood why he kept trying to push her away. She gave and gave to him, expecting very little in return whilst remaining a strong, independent woman. I thought she was a fantastic heroine.

Quinn was a complete git for the majority of this book. Bet you didn’t expect that did you?? Quinn is a truly damaged individual who has allowed others opinion of him to tarnish his self-worth and, because people expect him to behave like a git, he does. He brings Lark onto his ranch to get his own back on her brother (douche move), he refuses to bend to even try to compromise with Lark (another douche move) and, when he starts to push at her affection, he becomes an absolute arse. When he stops thinking, stops analyzing and just allows himself to be, he is bloody lovely. He is a truly lovely hero but the emotional damage he had mean’t that his leading lady didn’t have an easy time with him. Their story wasn’t easy but it certainly wrenched at the heart-strings.

The sex scenes were pretty outstanding. Although our heroine is a virgin, she doesn’t remain so for very long. The way that Quinn took care after that scene was one of the stand-out moments for me, really affirming my opinion of his true (very hidden) nature. From there on in, the sex is hot, heavy and frequent… just the way I like it 🙂

Special mention here to the side characters Jill and Sam who work with Quinn. These two characters work on their marriage throughout the book, showing that real love takes work and commitment. I loved their story 🙂

This book was funny, heart-wrenching and heart-warming. With a fantastic heroine and a grumpy cowboy with emotional damage, I was suckered in from the first mention of a stetson. On the strength of this book I will be carrying on with the series…I loved it!




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