A Nix Cowboy Review – Trouble in Texas by Katie Lane (2.5 Stars)

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Elizabeth Bramble is the towns spinster, the one most town folk would put bets on to die an “Old Maid”. When she inherits the town’s house of ill-repute, neither she nor the residents can quite believe that she seems willing to take it on. But times are hard and the house isn’t making any money so it looks like they will have to sell. Then along comes big bad Brant stumbles into the house on a hot summer’s day.
Brant turns up at the Hen house hoping to solve a historical murder that he feels is at the root of all his bad luck. Having recently lost his family, he understandably wants to blame his misfortune on someone or something. But things take a turn for the strange when he ends up drugged, hand-cuffed to a bed and sharing kisses with an un-known mystery woman. It gets even stranger when he discovers his late night liaison was with none other than the stuffy librarian.
When Brant doesn’t show up for the family wedding he is supposed to be attending, his family come looking for him. His brother takes a shine to the Henhouse and ends up coercing his brother to help him buy it. This means that Brant will be spending much more time with Elizabeth; a fact that he is surprisingly OK with.
But with the loss so fresh for Brant and Elizabeth so set in her ways, is there really any chance for them?
I loved the first two in the Bramble series by Katie Lane but this one just didn’t hit the mark for me. It doesn’t really need to be read alongside the other books as it doesn’t feature any of the other characters. My main issue with this book was that, whilst the humour was charming in parts, I didn’t find the characters likeable enough for me to care about their stories.  I will continue with this series because I loved the first books but this one was one which I found difficult to finish. 

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