A Nix Erotic Romance Review – Inside Bet by Katie Porter (5 Stars)

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Heather has spent years reforming herself after a massive lapse of judgement left her in a dangerous position. The only thing left of her wild-child past is a nipple ring which she hides very well under her stuffy accounting suits. When she is approached by a sexy, smug man at a wine-testing, the temptation of a no-holds bar sexual fling is too much to temptation to pass up. Armed with a safe-word of Panda, Heather sets herself firmly into Jon’s very capable hands.

Captain Jon “Tin-Tin” Carlisle is not looking for anything other than sex from anyone. Constantly fighting against the limits his very well-off family try to place on him, a relationship is the last thing he wants. What he wants is only sex and he gets it. Often. When he approaches Heather at the event, he sees her as another conquest, another notch on his belt.

When she agrees to put herself fully at his mercy, he can’t quite believe what a gift he has been handed. When she turns out to be just an uninhibited as him, they begin a sexual game of dares that takes them closer and closer to the edge of their mutual limits. But will the amount of sexual trust they are placing in each other really lead to a smooth break when they decide their time is up?

This book was a complete surprise. Both this book and the first one were incredibly steamy, but this one brought angst to the table that gave this story a depth that really hooked me into the story.

Heather was a good heroine. I always like a heroine who doesn’t have sexual hang-ups in erotica and she is a woman who seems to have the no limits when it comes to sex. I was a little surprised at just how much trust she places in Jon, but once hearing about her background, I realised that it fit her character well. Heather is a woman with a past and some of those past decisions nearly got her hurt. Ever since then she has bundled up these feelings and desire behind a boring suit and refused to acknowledge the woman she once was.  Something about Jon brings this sexually adventurous woman to the forefront once more. The fact that he was willing to give as he got made this a more explosive relationship.

Jon is a man who lives very very fast. He spends money like it goes out of fashion, sleeps with hoards of women and flies a jet plane. Basically, he is a very very bad man. But that side to Jon seems to be the face he’d like everyone to see, hiding what he is underneath. There are multiple examples of just how far he will go far for his friends or anyone else he cares about. He will go to any lengths to make sure they are safe and well; I loved him. He expects his liaison with Heather to go the way that they all do but her total inhibition with him lead to them spending the weekend together, pushing each other’s limits to the max.

This book is SEXY. Seriously. With a capital S. It covers (in no particular order) bondage, blindfolding, spanking, anal sex, anal play (M and F), exhibitionism, sex-toys, masturbation, voyeurism and finally autoerotic asphyxiation. Now I mention this final one because I thought it was done very very well and this is a sexual practice I have seen written very bad. There is established trust, a safe gesture and complete control; bravo to both the authors involved in this because this done badly would make me DNF a book based on a heroine being TSTL.

I loved the sense of camaraderie that underlines these books. Tin-Tin, Princess and Fang are all present again in this book along with a few more of the squadron. I like that they are each other’s family. I love that they have been through war together and have come out the otherside with a friendship that has no limits or boundaries. I like that, in each book, the heroine has had to face the real possibility that the man they are in a relationship may one day fly in war again. I just like the whole thing. Can’t wait for Princess’s book….

This book was a revelation to me. Hot, sexy, angsty and completely naughty… it had me reaching for the ice-bucket at several points *fans*

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  1. Thanks for the in-depth review. Which one of us has not wanted to leave a behavior from the past in the past and yet it stays with us. Nice to see this heroin did not lose her naughty side completely…and rediscovers it!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the book.

    Elizabeth Knightbridge

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