A Nix Erotic Romance Review – Turnaround by Cassandra Carr (3.5 Stars)

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Turnaround by Cassandra Carr
Published by C-Squared Publisher on 18-01-2014
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 52
Format: eBook
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Becca and James don't date. Both are in their thirties and neither has found anyone they feel is potential spouse material. Becca attends a "We Hate Valentine's Day" party at a local bar where James is bartending. He knows from the first day they meet that Becca is someone special, but Becca's more cautious. James sets out to prove to Becca there really are happy-ever-afters.

FTC : I was given this by the author. I do have an online relationship with her but that didn’t influence this review.

As a 52 page novella, I really don’t think that I can review this one properly without giving plot away so this will be an opinion only post. I liked both of the characters within this book which made reading their romance easy.

I enjoyed this Valentines themed novella; it was short, sweet and light. The romance was fluffy and left me with a case of the warm and fuzzies. Due to the length of the novella, there was a lot of relationship building that was skipped or felt rushed; my only major complaint about this book was that I felt the author tried to give the relationship a bit too much flesh in such a short story.  It was however, a very effective as a light and heart-warming read.

Overall, if you need a short and sweet pick-me-up, this could be one for you. With cute characters and an easy-to-follow plot, I read this one quickly and did so with a smile. 


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