A Nix Erotica-for-Men Review – Unconventional: Business Meets Pleasure by Kenny Wright (3.5 Stars)

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Unconventional: Business Meets Pleasure by Kenny Wright
Published by KW Publishing on 2013-11
Pages: 136
Format: eBook

Does what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas, when it involves Adam's sexy older boss?

Blonde, European, and three pay-grades above his own, Linnea Sorenson was untouchable. Until she wasn't.

Traveling to Las Vegas for the Health & Fitness Convention, Linnea and Adam are from different castes. He's a worker bee who works the convention floor, she shmoozes with her executive colleagues. In ordinary circumstances, any overlap would be all business, and any pleasure would be kept in check. But Vegas is no ordinary place.

What started as a game of control leads to a loss of it for one, and agonizing pleasure for them both. Find out what happens when events at this convention take a turn for the unconventional.

FTC : I got this book from the author. I did not write the review in exchange for payment.

Ellora’s cave launched a line called Erotica for men. I read a few and I couldn’t tell the bloody difference. This is much more what I was expecting and so I’m classing this as Erotica for men. There are different rules (I shall explain more later) but, as a female reader, I did enjoy it even though I missed the emotional connection which I would normally prefer. I would recommend this as a hot read and I would definitely recommend it for men.

This book is all about sex. Not just any sex but the sex that men write into Penthouse about, the dirty fantasies that rev their engines. The fantasy this time? Having a no-strings, short-term affair with the married, hot boss with her husbands permission. The focus is on the sex rather than romance as it is made quite clear that there will be no romance between these two (there is an after-thought romance but, to be honest, I would have preferred that to be left out). The majority of the plot is about how this fantasy plays out and, let me be quite clear, the way it plays out is a bit of a fantasy too. No one gets hurt, no one complains, the sex is amazing all the way through, there is no awkwardness ever … yeah, you see what’s going on! It is very obviously geared towards a male audience but that made it a ore fun read.

An erotic read which I highly recommend for men. Kenny Wright has a fluidity and attention to detail that makes this a very hot little read. 



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