A Nix (gushing) Review – Bringing Home the Bachelor by Sarah M.Anderson (5 Stars)

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In this Bolton Brothers novel, Sarah M. Anderson shows how one single mom at a bachelor auction can bring home the wildest ride of her life!


Jenny Wawasuck knows that “Wild” Billy Bolton is all wrong for a good girl like her. But then she sees the bond Billy forms with her son—and feels how Billy’s touch burns her skin, how his kiss ignites desires she’s long ignored. So she brings him home from the charity bachelor auction.


Now Billy has one night to stake his claim. But in a world filled with blackmailers and gold diggers, can a millionaire bad boy and a sweet single mom turn one chance into forever?

FTC: I love Sarah’s work. I am a fan but I also consider her to be a lovely person. Did it influence my review? No but I can’t make you believe that. I enjoy her voice in a story and I have always liked the themes that she chooses to write about. This one may be my favourite of hers to date and I know it will be a reread.



When you see the words “biker” and “wild” in the blurb of this book, you would be forgiven for thinking that Billy Bolton is the type of character that could be seen in Sons of Anarchy. You would be wrong. As with all of Sarah’s characters, the hero’s may be grumpy and, (in the case of brother Bobby) a bit of a prat, but ultimately they aren’t bad-boy characters.
Billy is a man who gained the moniker of “Wild” from his past antics as a young man who drank too much, played too much and then got into a little trouble with the law. Now, as a man who has matured greatly, he keeps himself to himself and focuses on the bikes. People find him intimidating and, as a man who wants to keep everyone at arm’s length, he cultivates this image. He can’t seem to intimidate Jenny, the teacher of the school where he is teaching pupils to build a bike. She attracts him in a way that no one else has in a very long time and he’s pretty sure that she feels the same so tries to woo her. Billy is unlike any of Sarah’s other male leads and I think he is my favourite. He’s like a Zombie teddy bear; scary on the outside but all cuddly on the inside. The way he goes after Jenny made me swoon and go all melty; he tried to impress her in so many ways. My literary lust was further cemented with the way he deals with Jenny’s son, a boy in-need of a father figure and some male guidance. Readers of this blog will know that if you stick some sort of father-less/mother-less child in a romance, my broody ass is going to get soppy feelings towards the book. The way Billy also enhanced the mother-son relationship has given me mild hero-worship feelings towards him as a character… yes, this is one of those gushing reviews.
Jenny is a bit scary on the outside too. When it comes to her son, or indeed her pupils, she is very protective and spiky. This does lead her to put herself last on the totem pole of need (which never bodes well for a romance). She can’t deny her attraction to Billy though and I loved that she stopped trying to kid herself about it quite quickly. She relished the feelings that he elicited and the sweet hand brushing and tiny smiles between them made me a little gooier on the inside. Of course, there are scenes that are hotter but, as with most books in the Harlequin desire imprint, the heat level is muted. That fit with the theme of the story as this wasn’t a sexually driven romance because of the situations the characters are in. The emotional baggage that both characters have, directly relates to sex so it was fitting that they get to know each other before they seal the deal.

This book was like a virtual hug. It gave me the warm and fuzzies whilst making me completely content. I loved the characters, I loved the side-stories but most of all, I loved the romance. This book was the highlight of a very crappy day and I can’t recommend it more.       

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