A Nix Holiday Review – We’ll Be Home for Christmas by Helen Kay Dimon (4 Stars)

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When Lila Payne first realises that the man that she tore up the sheets with at the conference had fed her a false name, she was pissed. When it turns out he fed her his married brothers name, she was more than just pissed. To save face, she tries to stay away from him but it becomes impossible when he decides to help her with the renovations on her new, dilapidated property!
Spence made a douche move and gave the woman he spent three days in the sack with a false name but by God he’s paying for it now! Not only is she back in his life but she’s costing him sleep in more ways than one. Spending all day sorting out her renovations, he has to do his regular work after hours and he spends the rest of the time fantasising about her naked… not a lot of room for rest.
When Lila discovers how much time he has been spending helping her out, the remaining reservations fly out of the window and she decides to give him another shot. But Spence doesn’t do long term commitments and so has a sell-by date attached to their relationship.  Will this really be the clean break he is hoping for?
This little Christmas stories checked a lot of boxes for me. I loved the characters and the plot was lovely. There was no real suspense for me as it was blatantly obvious what was going to happen from the offset but I did enjoy reading their tale! It wasn’t quite as sexy as I had hoped (I kept reading about this fab sex they’d had but it was never really recreated!) but it was very heart-warming!
Spence has abandonment issues. Like most men in Romance with similar problems, he uses this to sleep with loads of un-named women and leave them. Yes, pity him (!). He never wanted to put his heart on the line so he didn’t try to. Of course, that doesn’t go to plan for him in this tale! I liked Lila. I liked that she called him on douchery, I liked that she went for what she wanted and I liked that she thought enough of herself not to settle. She made this story for me. The tale of how close they got whilst working in together  was a page-turner  for me ‘cos I love the moment they finally get a clue in these tropes!
This short Christmas tale is worth a purchase. It’s fun, flirty and gives you that lovely warm feeling you get when you read a book that is so damn nice. Lovely.


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