A Nix Menage Novella Review – Pleasure’s Offering by Moira Sutton (4.5 Stars)

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Zoa is an avatar of the Goddess of Desire, destined to bring lust and happiness to all around her. She is sent north to find and awaken a lost avatar and finds herself in a Brothel, waiting for the Emperors army to pass through in the hopes he is amongst the soldiers. The only way to awaken an avatar is to have sex with another avatar and Zoa must find him before the time limit is up.
It isn’t going to be an easy mission for Zoa; an un-awakened avatar is often embarrassed to have sex due to their years of having to cope with their inability to orgasm. When Zoa finally locates Jeric, it’s clear that even his obvious attraction for her is not enough to tempt him into bed. She needs to pull out the big guns and enlist the help of his hunky Captain Izar. Once she tempts Izar into her bed, the passion that they create makes it impossible for Jeric to resist joining in. As Zoa, Izar and Jeric join together in a night of lust, the Goddess of Desire finds herself yet with another disciple.
As the attraction grows between the three of them grows, so do the bonds that keep them together. What started as a night of passion becomes something far deeper and far more erotic. When the three of them travel towards the Emperors city, it’s clear that the Goddess has bigger plans for them that just love and lust. Will their ties manage to survive the tests that they will have to face in the name of their Goddess?
Because this is the only time I will get to blog a
hot Gladiator…..
Wow, this book is so fricking hot it should come with a warning NOT to read it whilst on public transport, in a park or generally anywhere there is no way of relieving the tension it creates. I’ll admit, it started off in with the Goddess stuff and my heart sank; I’m not one for mystical stuff in my erotica. Then the scene where Izar and Zoa start to have sex started and I really started to enjoy it  Then Jeric joins in and the smut level goes off the charts; I do so love a scene where everyone in a ménage is comfortable having sex with each other 😀
The plot line was very loose but did set up the story well. A Roman time period certainly would allow for the amount of sex and debauchery that takes place over 120 pages. The whole sex God thing made the irresistible woman angle completely acceptable and also explained the sheer volume of sex that the novella contained. I think the highest praise I can give this book is that I never got bored of the sex scenes; every single sex scene was hot. The ending blind-sided me a little, but I suppose there did have to be a twist in the tale. I think my favourite scene was the one where Izar finally gets the courage to touch Jeric during sex… *fans*
This book is 120 pages of mind blowing sex between two bisexual Gladiators and a sex disciple. If that doesn’t sum out just how hot it will be, I’m not sure I can do much more. I recommend it to get you in the mood; you’ll certainly be hot by the end!  

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