A Nix Menage Review – Double Vision by Cassandra Carr (4 Stars)

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The Buffalo Imitators seem to have a habit of sharing their women and they aren’t afraid who knows. Red has watched his colleagues all fall into these types and relationships and, although he’s fascinated by them, he can never imagine himself in one. Besides, he is only attracted to one woman at the moment and she’s his roommate’s girl.
When he arrives home early and finds Fredrik and Liz hot and heavy on the couch, he doesn’t quite know where to look. But when they ask him to join in, he sure as hell isn’t saying no. What happens next is the best sex of his life but what happens next? Now he has to live with the two people he can’t face.
Fredrik and Liz have been discussing bringing a third into their relationship for a while and Red is on the very very short list of candidates. When they finally get him involved, the sex is explosive for all involved. Only now Red is running scared, avoiding them all of the time and it’s turned into a very awkward living situation. When Red asks to rejoin them and then runs again in the morning, its clear what was supposed to be a fantasy relationship has turned into a nightmare. Can Red let go off all his inhibitions and allow them to be happy? Or will he move out and let Fredrik and Liz go back to being a happy relationship?
This series is all about ménages and this one has a plot which is different than most. I am used to relationships beginning as a ménage, but another man joining into an existing relationship is one I don’t see often. There are always two questions I ask myself in such an occurrence; do I think everyone is happy with the situation and does it enhance the relationship. I can’t answer the first as, being a short, there is little mention of them as a relationship before Red but the second is a big yes.
Liz wants a ménage. She also wants Red. She has the unusual issues with “cheating” on Frederick but, once she has his reassurances, she is more than happy with going forward with a ménage. I quite liked her because she has certain character traits that work well in an erotic romance. She is completely inhibited when it comes to sex, self sufficient and just fun. I enjoyed her in this tale. Fredrik is also good with a ménage. The thought of Liz having sex with someone else really revs his engine and he enjoyed his relationship with Red. There were no sexual overtures to their relationship but he was happy enough with Liz’s choice of a third and went out of his way to try to make him feel comfortable.
Red was a whole bundle of nerves and mixed feelings regarding his relationship with Fredrik and Liz. He wanted it, he didn’t want it, he wanted it…. you get the picture. Did it get old? A little but I understood where he came from so I dealt with it; it’s not every day that you consider a permanent ménage. I was a little shocked with the way that the other two were considering a relationship after only one night of sex… I would have thought it would have taken more thought.
The mini suspense plot was probably the only complaint I have. It was a blink and you miss it and it had so little build up that I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Because I hadn’t really met the other characters also under threat before this scene, I wasn’t actually scared for them all. It just felt a bit odd.
Overall, this was a sexy short that ticked most of my boxes. With a good cast of characters, some incredibly hot sex, a myriad of sexy sportsman and a good amongst of angst, I enjoyed this one immensely! Can’t wait for the next one 😀 

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