A Nix MM PNR Review – Magpie by Kim Dare (5 Stars)

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When Everet is called in to a club to deal with an avian shifter that has brought their race into disrepute, it is hardly surprising to him that it’s a Magpie causing all the issues.  Upon seeing the amount of suffering the young shifter has already been put through as “punishment”, he decides bringing him back to the nest to face the judgement of the Elders.
The AHole that is head of the Nest decides that, as Magpies cannot change their thieving and whoring ways, Kane is to be sentenced to the cages. Unable to watch his charge suffer such a punishment, Everet asks to be made responsible for Kane. This means that the Raven would be responsible for helping the Magpie to recuperate and also to take any punishments that he would reap whilst at the Nest. The Elders agree but maybe Everet has bitten off more than he can chew?
Although undoubtedly attracted to Kane, Everet must use his legendary restraint to resist the man who is willing to use sex as the means to getting his own way. Trying to stop him using drugs, prostituting himself and thieving will take all his skill….being distracted is not an option. But can he really take such a tricky slave on and keep his heart safe? And are the rest of the Nest correct? Can a magpie ever really change?
I have been waiting for an age for this book. Was it as good as Duck!? It was a completely different type of book and I loved it but no, it didn’t have that fantasy feel that Duck! had. It is set after Duck! (Reading it first would be recommended) and features scenes with Ori and Reynard that gave me a really lovely warm feeling inside.
This book lacked the fairytale quality that Duck! had. The characters were full of hard edges and I enjoyed reading about them because of it. Everet is a good looking Raven who has been promoted to head of security because of his control and sense of justice. He doesn’t believe in over punishment, hates avian’s using the hierarchy as an excuse to be cruel to the lower classes and believes in fairness. He is the perfect flipside to the out of control Kane but I wanted him to bend slightly, to meet Kane in the middle. He had such innovative boundaries that I instantly fell in love with him; the rule where the bedroom was only for sex, not an arena to punish any crimes was lovely because it showed Kane that he would cherish and protect him even if he made a mistake. I loved the theme of this book was lovely; no matter how much people screw up in life, people still deserve to be loved and cherished. Well, if they don’t do anything worth hard jail time for anyway!  The scene where he wouldn’t let them punish Kane….. *swoon*
Kane was a brat. Kane was not really a sub because he didn’t want to submit; he wanted to do anything to get his own way. Kane had been mistreated, abused and abandoned his entire life. He did not know what to do with Everet and his protection because he had never had it. He was used to having to figure out a way to manipulate people into the things that he wanted and being a magpie these were generally shiny things. I loved that the drug he was hooked on was shiny and glittery too….it fit so well! Kane was not one for lip service and he kept waiting for all that Everet had told him to be a lie; he literally had to be shown that Everet was a man of his word in a very painful way before he believed it. I loved it.
There is MM sex because it’s a MM BDSM book. I didn’t think there was much S/M but there was definitely Dominance. I’d love to read more about these two because I feel there is so much more to come, so much more angst to follow. I hope there is more from this series as I’ve loved both books so far!
An angsty, sexy paranormal read that left me wanting more. I loved the characters, loved the plot and adored the writing. If you like MM, like PNR and liked Duck! READ THIS!!

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