A Nix MM Post : Temporary Mark by Kim Dare (4 Stars)

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Book three in the Collared Series.


Can a temporary collar ever lead to a permanent relationship? Mark and Mr. Nolan are about to find out.


Mr. Nolan’s last relationship lasted for over two decades. But, since suddenly finding himself single, two years ago, he has struggled to find a submissive who can fill the void in his life. Maybe a temporary arrangement is exactly what he needs to ease him back into the lifestyle he loves so much.


Mark’s never experienced life under the protection of a good dom. He’s merely had a series of abusive partners. He’s used to being treated as a temporary feature in a man’s life, then thrown away when they tire of him.


When mutual friends push them together, the last thing Mr. Nolan, or Mark, expects is to end up hoping a temporary collar will become permanent.

As per new FTC rules, I now have to disclose the entire reason I’m reviewing this book. Short answer, I fucking love Kim Dare books. I bought it with my own money and yes, I do follow her on twitter although I never actually talk to her so I assume we can safely call it stalking from afar. She has participated in events before but has never solicited a review from our site, though I’d bite her hand off if she did. I assume that’s enough honesty? Jesus, this is going to get old fast.
In this one, the lovely Mr Nolan is still grieving the loss of his long term submissive and his friends are starting to get worried he’s going to grow old alone. Tired of setting him up with cloned replicas of his ex, only to have them shot down in flames, they bring him a “project” in the form of Mark, a truly damaged submissive who picks the worst Dom’s. His confidence in himself and other relationships is at an all time low and he needs a Dom to help him gain back some sort of self-respect. Although Nolan doesn’t really want to be set up, he cannot allow the sub to continue being in so much pain. He allows him into his home, into his play collar and he starts to build him up. I loved Nolan. With a passion. I often love Ms Dare’s books because of her ability to write Dom’s that are both aloof and sensitive, and Nolan is amazing. He never pushes Mark further than he is ready but he keeps him moving forward nicely.
Mark is damaged beyond belief. His taste in men runs to Dom’s that are abusers and users and every single one has created their own hole in his self-worth. One of the reason’s I love Nolan so much is that you can see Mark’s self worth growing throughout the tale. I loved the fact he wasn’t willing to dismiss his submissive side just because others had taken advantage of it. I loved the fact he embraced the chance to be Nolan’s submissive and didn’t close himself off. Basically, I admired his resilience. Oh, and the BDSM isn’t as full on as in some of her other books so this is good for newbie’s to the genre too J
Overall, this is a fantastic short read from an author that I love. You don’t need to read any other in the series, you can just enjoy this for what it is which is a lovely gruff Dom finding that, just because you have loved and lost, doesn’t mean that you can’t love again. 

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