A Nix MM Review – Pride and Politics by Daisy Harris (5 Stars)

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Hunter Ford is spoiled, entitled and a general pain in the ass to people who know him. Unfortunately, along with the family money comes certain responsibility and that is how we find Hunter in this tale; being dragged along as the gay nephew of a senator on his re-election tour. Hunter has always been a bit of a wild-child and this, along with his general distain for his Uncle, means he is a complete liability and must be looked after. This is why Steve is hired as his “image consultant” and general watcher.
Steve has experience in being an image consultant but not in dealing with someone as attractive, or arrogant, as Hunter. Hunter seems determined to put sex before anything else; can Steve really stop him from destroying the campaign? When Steve sees just how Hunter is treated by his Uncle, he starts to question why Hunter agreed to be part of the circus. Then Hunter starts to show him the strain and emotional pressure that being around people in Politics puts on him and Steve realises that maybe there is more to this story than meets the eye.
When the attraction between them flares into full blown lust, the two hit the sheets in a fashion which shakes Steve’s beliefs about his sexuality. Can he change everything he took for granted to be the man who can protect and care for a man such as Hunter? And will Hunter allow him close enough to be what he needs.
I’ve been waiting for Hunter Ford’s book for a while. The man has been so dislikeable in every book in which he has appeared, a moral-less slut who has caused much grief to our previous couples. At first glance, he is still the same guy at the start of this book. Then we see how his homophobic Uncle treats him when he uses him to gain a “gay-friendly” stand-point and I realised how any layers of protection someone would have to build up to get through something like that. The distain that he shows for his nephew is astonishing; I fricking hated that git. I started to pity Hunter but that isn’t quite a standpoint I normally like to see one of the hero’s from.
Then along came Steve. Steve is a nice guy, usually in control who likes taking care of other people. He looked after his deaf sister after their parents died and has took on a career of looking after people in a fashion. At first, Hunter is a complete annoyance to him. Then the cracks start to appear in his armour of ice and we start to see the real Hunter. This is the Hunter that would have been around all the time if it wasn’t for his treatment at the hands of his family. This is the Hunter that only Steve is allowed to see and I loved him for bringing it out. Hunter has hard edges but Steve softened them, yielding to his demands and allowing him to be the man he was. I adored Steve.
This is a Daisy Harris book…. there is lots of man-lovin’. It had an edge of Dominance that I loved but the whole thing was just so sweet. Yes, it was hot as hell but the sex was all about Steve accepting who he needed to be for Hunter and for Hunter to allow someone close enough to love him. Seriously, they were absolutely adorable.
The Holsum college series is about love and this one certainly fits the brief. I adored the two of them together and was completely invested in their story. It’s a tale of love, redemption and sex….perfect reading material J

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