A Nix MM Short Review – The Diva and the Frat Boy by Daisy Harris (4 Stars)

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Nathaniel is out, loud and proud. Unable to be anything other than a diva, he is used to being looked upon with scorn by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. Seemingly able to shrug off all the “fag” comments that are sneeringly thrown away, he has gotten used to being only good for a  particular type of man and a particular type of hook up. He doesn’t expect men to want to be with him in a relationship and do the usual relationship activities. He definitely doesn’t expect Greg the preppy president of the gay fraternity to want to have anything to do with him.
Greg has wanted Nat for months. Yes, he’s camp, but Nat finds his effeminate ways amusing and his lithe body mouth-watering. The problem is that Nat is a pledge at the gay Fraternity at the college and Greg doesn’t want to hit on him whilst he is on the list. When he finds out that frat members, who are uncomfortable with his flamboyant ways, have blackballed Nat’s membership bid, he has no reason not to seduce him. But will Nat want him now that he is no longer going to become a member of the house he has tried so hard to impress?
Once the chemistry between them becomes too hard to ignore, the two hit the sheets (or the grass) in explosive fashions. Once it’s over, Nat immediately starts to shove him away, preparing himself for the inevitable one-night-stand brush-off. Will Greg be able to get through those barriers? Moreover, once he realises the reality of being around someone who is so outwardly gay, and unwittingly invites negative attention, will he want to?
Before I start, I have to comment on the cover. Siren covers make me laugh frequently because of the awfulness of them. I think this is one of the only covers that actually seems to represent the story inside and it comes very close to the visual representation I have in my head for the two lead characters.  This may seem like an odd complement, but nothing irritates me more than reading a book due to its cover and then discovering that it has sod all to do with the story.
I haven’t read a MM story with such a flamboyant lead character before. I wasn’t sure that I would like him, but I loved Nat and his endearing mix of exuberance and wariness. I loved that he owned his feminine side, even exaggerated it, but it pained me to see him also use it as a shield against letting people get too close. There was past baggage, there were examples of people being unable to cope with him, and these all made up the bag of contradictions that made up Nathaniel Reece. He was an outwardly confident man, but inwardly completely insecure. So insecure that I felt a little dread when he didn’t get in the frat as I simply didn’t know where he would feel comfortable outside of that house. He was the life and soul of any party, but he didn’t drink because he felt it made him vulnerable to ridicule. He is the proudest, loudest gay amongst the frat pledges, yet he hasn’t much sexual experience and has very limited relationship experience.  He was such a wonderfully well-crafted character that I completely fell in love with him. I hated that he got so much stick from both the heterosexual and homosexual community; they were all bastards to him because he refused to change to fit in.
Greg is a completely different kettle of fish. He doesn’t stand out in a crowd, doesn’t invite attention, yet he is the man the gay fraternity chose as their figurehead. He is sexy, smart and completely enamoured with Nat. It was really sweet but completely odd. I couldn’t see where they complimented each other in public; God knows they didn’t need each other to even out their rough edges or fill in any blanks. They just enjoyed each other’s company and it was nice to read.
In the bedroom, they certainly complimented each other. Daisy Harris writes great MM sex and this was no exception. With a hit of Dominance and submission, the scenes are graphic, inventive and hot as hell. I will only complain about Nat’s tendency to call Greg “Daddy”; it really did ick me out. It is my only complaint about an otherwise excellent short story.
A very sexy short featuring a flamboyant man and his polar opposite.  A good addition to the series J

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