A Nix PNR Review – Grave Intentions by Lori Sjoberg (3.75 Stars)

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Reapers are mortals that have died with a stain upon their soul but whom fate considers redeemable. Humans that die an unnatural death often need help to pass and with each soul helped along the reaper takes one step closer to redemption. This may seem like a noble cause but being present at the deaths of so many people, seeing the destruction that one person can lie upon another, has its costs too.
David has been a reaper for so long he has had to become less than human to deal with his job. A previous soldier, he has a lot of reaping to do before he is released from his contract and existing is becoming unbearable. He is training a newbie reaper when he sets eyes on his neighbor Sarah. Being with her makes him experience emotions he thought he had long since buttoned down and she doesn’t seem influenced by his other worldly powers.
Sarah ignored her family’s kooky traditions and became a scientist. Reliant on facts, and completely unable to suspect the paranormal, she has no idea that there is anything strange about her hot neighbor, even when he heals cuts within days.  As they fall more and more in lust, things couldn’t be more perfect for either one of them.
But a reaper is already dead and will never age, die or stick around after their penance is fulfilled. Is it reasonable to start a relationship with a mortal? When an unthinkable situation forces David into a situation that could cost him his soul forever, it looks like our lovers will be separated by the hands of fate forever.
I was so excited by the premise of this book that it was on the wish list long before I requested it from NetGalley.  In some ways it completely delivered (I loved the world-building and the side characters….I’m guessing Dmitry’s book will be fab!) but on the other hand I knew what the twist was going to be from the end of the first chapter and I had also guessed the resolution. The predictability made it a little bit of a slow-burner but ultimately I will be getting the next in this series and would guess you needed to read this one first.
There is too much work one for reaper in this reality so there is a group of them that are paying for their crimes by harvesting souls. They are governed by one big boss man (who I want to see fall in love…what is WRONG with me?) and are given the list of souls on a weekly basis. I thought the job itself sounded horrific and didn’t know how reapers would remain sane. Knowing that they were going to crime scenes or horrific accidents, some involving children, to watch someone die so they could harvest the soul quickly must have been a pretty horrible reality. I’d be pretty happy if all these characters found their HEA because their realities sucked ass.
I liked the premise of David more than the reality. A man so jaded by all he seen, he should have more interesting than he was. I loved him when paired with either Adam or Sarah, but alone he just didn’t interest me.  Sarah was a more interesting character for me and I enjoyed her fierce personality. Was there chemistry between them? Hell yes. I loved them together; whether it was between the sheets or just being together at the end of a spectacularly bad day, I thought they complemented each other perfectly. David needed someone to return him to reality and Sarah was just the lady.
Overall, this was an intriguing start to a series that I will give another shot to. I loved the premise, but this one failed to hit the mark. I have high hopes for book two as its Ruby’s book….

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