A Nix PNR Review – Grimm Tidings by Shiloh Walker (4 Stars)

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Celine never wanted to become a Grimm. Raped and left for dead by demons after an argument with her husband, she has spent her years as one of Earth’s Guardian Angels, mourning for her old life. Unable to move on, she makes reckless decisions in her role as protector, blatantly hoping that each fight is her last. Can anyone get her to let go of her past?

Jacob has been a Grimm for over a hundred years. Now he is ordered by the leader of the Grimm, Will, to face his biggest challenge yet; to tame the suicidal Celine. Getting her to face her past and move on may be difficult, but doing it whilst not becoming personally involved turns out to be even harder. Will both of them come out of the other side of this forced partnership whole?

Well, well, well this was interesting! I enjoyed this one and I hadn’t read the previous 5 (yes, I will be getting them now). It was original, fast paced and very well written. The only complaint that I have is that the beginning confused me. The first couple of chapters jump through time and are written from the POV of each character. I was often a little lost as to where we were in the time-line, but I understand why I needed to know the back-story of both characters. The confusion didn’t last long and then I was fully able to immerse in the story.

I loved the character of Celine. Well-written, driven and pretty kick-ass, she is a fantastic heroine. Celine is damaged. She didn’t ask to be a Grimm, didn’t want to be a hero, but that is the situation she finds herself in. She runs through trainers, infuriating them all with her recklessness. When Jacob is put onto the case, she finds herself attracted to him, but this conflicts with the idealized memories she holds of her marriage. My heart broke for her as her torment was evident throughout the pages. I wanted her to move on but there was no way that she would allow herself to do that whilst looking at her past through rose-tinted spectacles.

Jacob has the power to open Celine’s eyes to her past in the most brutal of fashions. He tries so hard not to, I suspected he had deeper feelings for her from the start. When he has to do that, I felt so sorry for him. Hurting another the way he does is inconceivable to him. I don’t think he ever realizes how much he needs healing too; I wanted to give him a big cuddle. Well, I would but realize the hot, anti-social Grimm would probably butt me if I tried. The tale of these two is definitely not easy and definitely not straight forward; they both have baggage that needs to be chipped away at before they can accept their future. Oh, and the dream scenes?? toe-curlingly scorching! I enjoyed the play on a much loved character from one of my favorite classic novels….I would never have read through it and played with the character in the direction that Ms Walker does, but by golly it works 😀

Alongside the action and tension in this tale is the is the introduction of the red-eyed crazy being that is Rob. He is another Grimm that doesn’t play well with others and I really liked the sound of him. He is bat-shit crazy, but underneath all those layers is a man that just doesn’t really know HOW to play with others. Can’t wait for his book. Will is actually quite a terrifying being in this book, but I expected no less from the leader of the Grimm!

This novella hit all the boxes for me. It was sexy, pacey and filled with emotion. I wanted the characters to be happy, wanted them to be free, but there was so many layers of pain there was no way it was going to be easy. I’m now a Grimm fan 🙂  

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