A Nix Quicky PNR erotica Review – Damned if You Do by Olivia Waite (3.75 Stars)

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Unfortunately for Idared, Benjamin gets under her skin. During the daylight hours she has to do her duty, but at night they start to get to know each other in a far more intimate way. But it is forbidden for them to be intimate with each other; the damned cannot socialise with their enforcers. Secretly they begin to explore these strange new feelings. When a face from the past appears to put a large spanner in the works, it seems like these new feelings may have been better left unexplored.

This is part of the Ellora’s Quickie line, so this will be a quickie review. When I read the blurb for this tale, I couldn’t help but say yes to the review request. It sounded so interesting; a love story between a male-tart in Hell and his torturer…How in the hell would this work? Well, for the most part, it really does. The premise is novel, the dialogue is fluid and some of the scenes are really quite funny (making him play noughts and crosses on his chest with the whip? Fun :D). The sex scenes were really well written and the wonder expressed by both characters during the exploration of their feelings made for a fantastically sexy ride. I enjoyed this short story and read it in the space of an hour!

I liked both of the characters, but I only knew them in the context of their relationship. Benjamin appealed to me more as he was a loveable rogue….I could see how he could have charmed his way into the pants of many young ladies. I did struggle trying to get a visual on both characters, especially with the form(s) of Idared, and that made visualising some of the scenes quite difficult. I loved the premise and, for the most part, it worked for me. I enjoy books that use this kind of mythology and always like the individual slant that authors put on legends. I did, however, struggle with the fact that she seemed to show little remorse for hurting him as much as she does. She makes some quip about the wounds healing too quickly and wiping away her work…I just couldn’t help think that wouldn’t be something you would say to a loved one! I could understand if this had some sort of BDSM theme, but Benjamin doesn’t seem to enjoy it all! These scenes weren’t written into too much detail though, so I coped!

This book is a short paranormal erotica. It works very effectively as a paranormal (I liked the whole concept and structure of hell) and is smokingly hot when it comes down to the erotica part. There were elements that I struggled with, but they didn’t make the book less enjoyable for me as they simply highlighted the bits that I liked more. Witty,pacy and sexy…..t’was fun!  

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