A Nix Ramble Post : Using Luzme to compare books

Posted September 20, 2013 by Nix in Random musings / 4 Comments

Updated 12th August 2015

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve seen a few things happening with eBook pricing.

It seems Pre-order pricing is going up (I paid £9 Yesterday for a 220 page book!) and my book budget is so stretched I’m reading less and less new authors which makes me very sad.

Like everybody, my finances are tight so, unless I have to own a book IMMEDIATELY, I now use Luzme for every book I want to read. Luzme recently alerted me that 5 books on my wishlist have become free for a limited time so I’ve snapped them up. I love Luzme and I wanted to update and rehighlight this post I did a few years ago on the site.

This isn’t an affiliate post, I have no ties to the company, it just makes financial sense for me to use it and, as I know I am the enabler of a lot of your one-click addictions (sorry), I thought I’d share what I do on a day to day basis as a big reader.

Here’s  a post I did a few years ago with updated images to show the updated site


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Like most bloggers, my wishlist is longer than my arm. I currently have 444 books on my list that I want to read and I can’t afford to buy them all. I was so happy to find Luzme, the price comparison site, to help me find my books when they are on offer. Oh, and Luzme don’t know I’m doing this post so no payment has been given to me….

First thing you can do, is run a price comparison on any particular book. I think they possibly make money from affiliate links but I’m not too fussed (The below picture tells it’s own story …. £13 when it first came up on the amazon UK site… are they KIDDING?)
price check graph


The most useful function is the ability to import your entire wishlist onto there from GoodReads, Amazon etc….



You do need to allow the program access to your accounts, but when it does, it will store all the books you want to buy and price check them to produce a sort-able list such as this.


Luzme pic


On Goodreads, you can only import your to read shelf (I had to change the names of all of mine to do this!).  I have it set to check Amazon UK and OmniLit which are the two sites I use for reading.

All this is fabulous, but you don’t want to check the site everyday. You can set up Luzme to send you alerts when there is price change.You can also set a maximum amount that you are interested in (ie it will only email you when the price gets below a certain amount).

NB : This doesn’t work with books that are normally priced below your set amount (I missed a freebie as it was below £2 normally).


It isn’t going to do everything for you, but it is pretty good at what it can do. I use it all the time now and, for none kindle users, the resource can save you a hell of a lot of money.

4 responses to “A Nix Ramble Post : Using Luzme to compare books

  1. Mzcue

    Thanks for reposting your article. I’ve noticed a painful uptick in pre-order prices too. When I see even my favs. priced so high (like Kleypas’s newest), it goes onto my “Wait for my turn at the library” list. Luzme looks like a great alternative since I much prefer to own my books—such as the digital DRM nonsense allows.

  2. Hey Nix, thanks for this post! No, I didn’t know you were writing it and it’s great to find that you love the site! Yes, we do get affiliate payments so please buy via the site if you can, it helps funds the price searches because everything costs money to run. Got a new version coming out soon, so please leave feedback (good or bad

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