A Nix Release Day Contemporary Review – Blame it on Texas by Christie Craig (4 Stars)

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After watching a true-crime documentary about a little girl who was kidnapped years before, Zoe is convinced that she is that little girl. Too many things don’t add up and the recurrent nightmares that plagued her seem to disprove the stories she has been told about her life. Getting in her car, she travels down to Texas in the hopes of making the pieces of her life fit.
Tyler is a PI who has sworn off women due to some disastrous experiences. When he walks back into his office to find a sexy red-head going through his files going through his client files, he doesn’t quite know what to think. When she tries to hire him to investigate an existing client with a fantastic story, he pretty much tells her no.
When the threatening phone calls begin, it’s clear that Zoe is starting to shake some cages that have been closed for a long time. After she is nearly shot in her apartment, Tyler agrees that there must be something to her quest. He takes her on as a client but he soon realises that his reasons may not have been as self-serving as he once thought. Zoe tempts him in a way that no woman has in a very long time. Let’s hope she isn’t a crazy lady with a fantastic imagination…..
I read the first book after the craziness surrounding the name of it. I enjoyed it immensely and so I requested this one on NetGalley. I love romantic comedies and this fits firmly into that category. It isn’t taxing on your brain, or emotions, it is what it is. I really enjoyed it and it is one I will read again.
Tyler is actually a fantastic hero. He started the PI business after being dismissed from the police force when he was accused of murder. He is a nice guy who was betrayed by people he thought were his friends. When we first meet him, he is dressed up as a clown for his niece’s birthday. That is the type of hero that he is and I loved him from the get go. When he meets Zoe, big brain and penis brain have an argument. He is attracted to her but wants nothing to do with her, her crazy ass story or her drama.  Then people start shooting at her and he feels bad. The man is good and responsible to the core and we see examples of it throughout the tale. When he declared he was good in bed and then went on to prove it? Yeah, I was hooked!
Zoe was OK as a lead but I didn’t have any strong opinions on her either way. I was impressed with her determination to find out the truth about her past and she was involved in some pretty funny moments throughout. The book would have been a bit of bust without her, but individually she didn’t really illicit any feelings in me.
Their love story is a sweet funny tale that is filled with calamity and heart-warming moments. The angst in this book comes directly from the side love story that is actually far more compelling. Zoe and Tyler’s story had very little “will they/won’t they” moments. It is clear which direction they will go in from the start. The tale with the meat to it is that of Rick and Ellen.
Rick is a man with many problems, one of which is that his child lives with its Mother who is definitely not mother of the year material.  He wants be a more involved Father and, after seeing the way Ellen is with child, he realises it is a do-able scenario. He turns to Ellen for advice and support and I fell a little bit in lust. He wants to be a good Father but has absolutely no idea how to be one. When he asks Ellen about good books for children my uterus contracted slightly…..I loved him.
Ellen got stabbed in the back during the first book and is VERY wary on Rick. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t actually come with good references from anyone. After treating him with much suspicion, she starts to see the man behind the reputation and the walls begin to crack. I fricking loved this plot-line and would have happily read their book. It was the best bit of the whole tale for me.
I picked up this story because of the hype but I continued reading due to the plot. It is a sweet, easy read with plenty of belly laughs. There was enough romance to keep me happy and a fun plot line to keep me reading. The surprising addition of the secondary romance plot made this book a probable reread in my future; I love a reformed man…… 

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